Marine Science Day! April 14th, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., 2018 signup sheet

Thank you for volunteering for HMSC's annual Marine Science Day! Volunteers are needed to serve as GREETERS for 2 hour shifts, either inside or outside. Greeters will be stationed throughout the hallways and outside at exhibits and the entrance to help visitors find their way around Marine Science Day. Contact me if you have questions at or 541-867-0226 or see We appreciate your help - I look forward to working with you!
Renee Fowler
PS: If you are a scientist or student scientist and are interested in supporting research outreach on Marine Science Day, contact Cinamon directly at

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What When Who
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Mike M.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Kathy P.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Phyllis E.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Alissa B.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Chelsey G.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Tobias F.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Courtney E.
Greeter - Outside 10am-noon Sign up
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Connie V.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Alan J.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Nancy S.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Clint P.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Jeff W.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Ken S.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Cindy A.
Greeter - Inside 10am-noon Gloria M.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Kathleen K.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Domenica G.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Margaret T.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Geoffrey W.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Laura N.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Sydney G.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Jo Yun H.
Greeter - Outside noon-2pm Sign up
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Kath M.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Cynthia W.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Bill W.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm gretchen a.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Michael W.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Donna S.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Julie W.
Greeter - Inside noon-2pm Kenya B.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm keith s.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Karen J.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Ben R.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Ruth K.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Linda B.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Laura N.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Jennifer A.
Greeter - Outside 2pm-4pm Sign up
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Fritz D.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Mike G.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Bernard C.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Gina P.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Kent K.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Jon S.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Emma, James, & Erin E.
Greeter - Inside 2pm-4pm Mazie H.