How to use

Using Volunteer Signup is simple. There are two basic steps.
1. Create a signup sheet
2. Email the signup sheet's link to potential volunteers (also use Facebook, Twitter, a website, blog, poster, newsletter, etc.)

Later, sign in to your account and view signups to see who has signed up and to make changes (eg., clear slot if someone cancels). You can also set up reminder emails for your volunteers or edit the signup sheet (eg., add a new volunteer job). After your event is done, you can copy, deactivate or delete a signup sheet, or even calculate volunteer hours.

That's it in a nutshell. More details and some screenshots are presented below.
1.  Create a signup sheet
Simply fill in the boxes and click FINISHED.  Note that you can move, add and remove rows.

2.  Email link to volunteers
After clicking FINISHED, a link to your online signup sheet is automatically generated.  Email this link to your potential volunteers.  Volunteers click this link to access the signup sheet.


Below is an example of a signup sheet. This is what a volunteer would see when she clicks a signup sheet's link. 

Volunteers select a volunteer opportunity; they are prompted to enter their name, email address and phone number, so the volunteer organizer has a way to contact them.  Volunteers are automatically sent a brief confirmation email.  This email includes your (ie, the account holder’s) name and email address in case they have questions, need to cancel, etc.   

3.  Other features

To access the features explained below you must be signed in to your account and on "My sheets", which shows the various sheets you have created (the most recent are at the top).


(1)  View signups - To view who has signed up, their contact information, and to "clear slot" if someone cancels. Also, print or download your signups from here.

(2)  Reminders - To set up reminder emails for your volunteers.

(3)  Edit - To modify a signup sheet after you have created it.

(4)  Copy - To create a copy of a signup sheet.  This is a fast way to create a signup sheet for a recurring or repeat event.  You can edit the copy to suit your needs.

(5)  Deactivate - To suspend further signups.  If a potential volunteer tries to sign up they will get a message stating the sheet is no longer active.

(6)  Delete - To permanently delete a signup sheet.

(7) Show advanced features

Some organizations track how many hours each volunteer works.  To track volunteer hours do the following:

  1. When creating a new signup sheet enter numbers into the “Credits” column.  Credits normally refer to hours.

  2. Later, select “Show advanced features” and checkmark the various signup sheets you want to determine volunteer hours for.

  3. Click the “Calculate volunteer hours” button to create a table that summarizes how many hours each of your volunteers has worked.

  4. To download a copy of the table for further manipulation in Excel, click the “Download as CSV file (for Excel)” link.

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