COC 2016 Middle signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

If you're seeing this message but weren't expecting it, please verify that you've clicked on the correct sign-up sheet link.

The middle distance event will be held at the Rafter 6 map on Saturday July 30 2016

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What Who
Middle Meet Director Not filled
Registration Sarah B.
Registration Mardy R.
Registration Pascale H.
Registration Packages Karen M.
Registration Packages Jean M.
Registration Packages Mardy R.
Map Printing/Packing Sarah B.
Map Printing/Packing Tory M.
Map Printing/Packing Jim W.
Map Printing/Packing Not filled
Site Crew Chief Clarence K.
Site Crew Dmitri G.
Site Crew Karl M.
Site Crew Garry A.
Site Crew Ben P.
Site Crew Angela C.
Site Crew Tyson M.
Site Crew Ron M.
Sound/Music Not filled
Announcer Not filled
Equipment Scott H.
Equipment Len H.
Equipment Not filled
Start Chief shift 1 Karen M.
Start Chief shift 2 Marsha F.
Start Crew Philippa H.
Start Crew Kurt E.
Start Crew Jim W.
Start Crew Gord H.
Start Crew Jonathan W.
Start Crew Chris S.
Finish Chief shift 1 Wayne B.
Finish Chief shift 2 Not filled
Finish Timing/Results Sarah B.
Finish Timing/Results Jim W.
Finish Timing/Results Bruce R.
Finish Refreshments Rosie H.
Finish Refreshments Joanne W.
Finish Refreshments Stan W.
Finish Refreshments Robyn R.
Volunteer Refreshments Melissa H.
Volunteer Refreshments Laura H.
Awards/Medals Jean M.
Awards/Medals sheena v.
Vetter Kitty J.
Vetter Marion O.
Vetter Bill J.
Vetter Not filled
Vetter Not filled
Vetter Not filled
Control Pick-up Karen M.
Control Pick-up Eileen C.
Control Pick-up Sylvestre c.
Control Pick-up John H.
Control Pick-up Carl P.
Junior Course Steward Tom L.
Junior Course Steward Michel R.
Junior Course Steward Nigel K.
Junior Course Steward Toni K.
Junior Course Steward John C.
Junior Course Steward David F.
Parking Not filled