FWOC New Years Score O Social, AGM and pot luck signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

If you're seeing this message but weren't expecting it, please verify that you've clicked on the correct sign-up sheet link.

We'll need a number of volunteers to make our New Years event a success. See the roles below.

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What When Who
Registration 1:30-2:30 Deanne s.
Registration 1:30-2:30 Teresa W.
Registration 1:30-2:30 Tory M.
Control Pickup 3:30-4 Adrian Z.
Control Pickup 3:30-4 Don B.
Control Pickup 3:30-4 Jonathan W.
Control Pickup 3:30-4 Marion O.
Social Organizer 2-4 Eduard S.
Social Organizer 2-4 Not filled
Fire Pit Manager 4-8 Clarence K.
Fire Pit Manager 4-8 Not filled
Kid activities organizer 4-7 Chandra K.
Kid activities organizer 4-7 Not filled
Clean-up 8:30-9 Robert S.
Clean-up 8:30-9 Kitty J.
Clean-up 8:30-9 Deanne S.
Clean-up 8:30-9 Not filled