2018 Lunch Volunteers signup sheet

Our Lady of Peace School's Lunch Volunteer Signup Sheet

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What When Who
Monday, May 14th Lunch Monday, May 14th Sign up
Tuesday, May 15th Lunch Tuesday, May 15th Sign up
Wednesday, May 16th Lunch Wednesday, May 16th Sign up
Thursday, May 17th Lunch Thursday, May 17th Sign up
Friday, May 18th Lunch Friday, May 18th Sign up
Monday, May 21st Lunch Monday, May 21st Sarah A.
Tuesday, May 22nd Lunch Tuesday, May 22nd kelly s.
Wednesday, May 23rd Lunch Wednesday, May 23rd Sign up
Thursday, May 24th Lunch Thursday, May 24th Sign up
Tuesday, May 29th Lunch Tuesday, May 29th Sign up
Thursday, May 31st Lunch Thursday, May 31st Sign up
Friday, June 1st Lunch Friday, June 1st Sign up
Monday, June 4th Lunch Monday, June 4th Maureen H.
Tuesday, June 5th Lunch Tuesday, June 5th Sign up