EIGHTER from Decatur BBQ Judges 2018 signup sheet

Saturday June 2, 2018
Wise County Reunion Ground Pavilion -3101 FM 51 Decatur, TX ( Near the Arena) look for BBQ Signs
please DO NOT sign up for back to back Final rounds of MEAT and you cannot judge the preliminary round and the Final round.
Must be 18 years old to Judge
The times listed below are the check-in times for the Judges.
Please be at the Pavilion at the designated check-in time.
If you are late you risk being replaced by other hungry BBQ lovers!
RAIN or SHINE the cook goes on!

Please visit WCchallenger.org and spend the weekend with WC Challenger Charities

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What When Who
BEANS 9:30am Lindsy T.
BEANS 9:30am Judy M.
BEANS 9:30am Teela W.
BEANS 9:30am Jackie B.
BEANS 9:30am Crystal K.
BEANS 9:30am Will K.
BEANS 9:30am Michael T.
BEANS 9:30am Virginia C.
BEANS 9:30am Ben S.
BEANS 9:30am Shawn H.
BEANS 9:30am Stefanie N.
BEANS 9:30am Gay T.
BEANS 9:30am David K.
BEANS 9:30am billy i.
BEANS 9:30am Dylan R.
BEANS 9:30am Gene L.
BEANS 9:30am Shane C.
BEANS 9:30am Debra M.
BEANS 9:30am Ricky M.
BEANS 9:30am Michael M.
BEANS 9:30am HUnter S.
BEANS 9:30am Mickey S.
BEANS 9:30am christopher i.
BEANS 9:30am Teela W.
BEANS 9:30am Mike R.
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS 9:30am Sign up
BEANS- Finals Kim Z.
BEANS- Finals Connie R.
BEANS- Finals Keaton H.
BEANS- Finals Bren W.
BEANS- Finals Robert W.
BEANS- Finals Buddy G.
BEANS- Finals Justin P.
BEANS- Finals Brittany P.
BEANS- Finals Terri H.
CHICKEN 10:30am Michael R.
CHICKEN 10:30am LeAnna M.
CHICKEN 10:30am Robert W.
CHICKEN 10:30am Buddy G.
CHICKEN 10:30am Melinda S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Virginia C.
CHICKEN 10:30am Amber R.
CHICKEN 10:30am Ben S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Shawn H.
CHICKEN 10:30am Paul R.
CHICKEN 10:30am Garrett B.
CHICKEN 10:30am Reavan T.
CHICKEN 10:30am Sandra B.
CHICKEN 10:30am Troy B.
CHICKEN 10:30am Jessica C.
CHICKEN 10:30am Jan U.
CHICKEN 10:30am Michael M.
CHICKEN 10:30am HUnter S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Mickey S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Karen E.
CHICKEN 10:30am Glenda A.
CHICKEN 10:30am Cheryl M.
CHICKEN 10:30am christopher i.
CHICKEN 10:30am Melissa W.
CHICKEN 10:30am Billy I.
CHICKEN 10:30am Alex S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Josh B.
CHICKEN 10:30am Tom L.
CHICKEN 10:30am Judy L.
CHICKEN 10:30am Dot S.
CHICKEN 10:30am Ian N.
CHICKEN 10:30am Brendan B.
CHICKEN 10:30am Steve L.
CHICKEN 10:30am Ryan L.
CHICKEN 10:30am Nick T.
CHICKEN 10:30am Sign up
CHICKEN 10:30am Sign up
CHICKEN 10:30am Sign up
CHICKEN 10:30am Sign up
CHICKEN -Finals Kim Z.
CHICKEN -Finals Teela W.
CHICKEN -Finals Jackie B.
CHICKEN -Finals Connie R.
CHICKEN -Finals Debra M.
CHICKEN -Finals Ricky M.
CHICKEN -Finals Keaton H.
CHICKEN -Finals Scott M.
CHICKEN -Finals Tracey V.
RIBS 12:00 Suzanna T.
RIBS 12:00 Kevin J.
RIBS 12:00 Bren W.
RIBS 12:00 Marsha M.
RIBS 12:00 Kenny T.
RIBS 12:00 Justin P.
RIBS 12:00 Brittany P.
RIBS 12:00 Donald M.
RIBS 12:00 Debby M.
RIBS 12:00 Ricky J.
RIBS 12:00 Norman R.
RIBS 12:00 Daina P.
RIBS 12:00 Tyler Y.
RIBS 12:00 Shawn H.
RIBS 12:00 Jeff M.
RIBS 12:00 Barbara D.
RIBS 12:00 David K.
RIBS 12:00 Patt S.
RIBS 12:00 Steve H.
RIBS 12:00 James L.
RIBS 12:00 billy i.
RIBS 12:00 Lisa P.
RIBS 12:00 Dylan R.
RIBS 12:00 clay j.
RIBS 12:00 Kip P.
RIBS 12:00 Garrett B.
RIBS 12:00 Kevin H.
RIBS 12:00 Whitney L.
RIBS 12:00 Michael M.
RIBS 12:00 HUnter S.
RIBS 12:00 Gordon K.
RIBS 12:00 Tate B.
RIBS 12:00 Jerry D.
RIBS 12:00 Robert P.
RIBS 12:00 Sign up
RIBS 12:00 Sign up
RIBS-Finals Jason C.
RIBS-Finals Sam W.
RIBS-Finals Charlotte F.
RIBS-Finals Thomas L.
RIBS-Finals Keaton H.
RIBS-Finals Kirk F.
RIBS-Finals Tobi C.
RIBS-Finals Addison N.
BRISKET 1:30 Scott M.
BRISKET 1:30 LeAnna M.
BRISKET 1:30 Robert W.
BRISKET 1:30 Buddy G.
BRISKET 1:30 Marsha M.
BRISKET 1:30 Mason T.
BRISKET 1:30 Justin P.
BRISKET 1:30 Brittany P.
BRISKET 1:30 Ben S.
BRISKET 1:30 Shawn H.
BRISKET 1:30 Mike M.
BRISKET 1:30 Herald G.
BRISKET 1:30 Jim J.
BRISKET 1:30 Shelly S.
BRISKET 1:30 Douglas S.
BRISKET 1:30 Tracey V.
BRISKET 1:30 James L.
BRISKET 1:30 Jamie P.
BRISKET 1:30 Chad C.
BRISKET 1:30 Anna C.
BRISKET 1:30 Zach H.
BRISKET 1:30 Kayla H.
BRISKET 1:30 Lisa P.
BRISKET 1:30 Kip P.
BRISKET 1:30 Phylicia G.
BRISKET 1:30 Levi G.
BRISKET 1:30 Glenda A.
BRISKET 1:30 Karen E.
BRISKET 1:30 Shane C.
BRISKET 1:30 Chris H.
BRISKET 1:30 Terri H.
BRISKET 1:30 christopher i.
BRISKET 1:30 Ryan L.
BRISKET 1:30 Steve H.
BRISKET 1:30 Patt S.
BRISKET 1:30 Melinda S.
BRISKET 1:30 Sign up
BRISKET 1:30 Sign up
BRISKET-Finals Thomas L.
BRISKET-Finals Walter N.
BRISKET-Finals Camille N.
BRISKET-Finals Kevin J.
BRISKET-Finals Melanie J.
BRISKET-Finals Connie R.
BRISKET-Finals Kelly H.
BRISKET-Finals Billy I.
BRISKET-Finals Rene F.