EIGHTER from Decatur BBQ Judges 2018 signup sheet

Saturday June 2, 2018 Wise County Reunion Ground Pavilion - please DO NOT sign up for back to back rounds of MEAT and you cannot judge the preliminary round and the Final round.
Must be 18 years old to Judge
The times listed below are the check-in times. Please be at the Pavilion at the designated check-in time. If you are late you risk being replaced by other hungry BBQ lovers!
RAIN or SHINE the cook goes on!
It is very important you show up if you sign up!

Please visit WCchallenger.org and spend the weekend with WC Challenger Charities

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Lindsy, Judy, Teela, Jackie, Crystal, Will, Michael, Virginia, Ben, Shawn, Stefanie, Tony, Gay, David, billy, Jason, Misty, Dylan, Gene, ANGIE, Shane, Shane,
BEANS- Finals
Show 9 names Kim Z., Jana E., Connie R., Keaton H., Bren W., Robert W., Buddy G., Justin P., Brittany P.,
Michael, LeAnna, Robert, Buddy, Melinda, Virginia, Amber, Ben, Shawn, Paul, Garrett, Reavan, Sandra, Troy, Tony, Jason, Misty, Misty, GORDON, Evy, Jessica, Jessica, Juan, Vicky, Sherri, Henry, Jan, Jan,
Show 9 names Kim Z., Teela W., Jackie B., Connie R., Debra M., Ricky M., Keaton H., Scott M., Tracey V.,
Show 40 names Suzanna T., Kevin J., Jerry D., Bren W., Marsha M., Kenny T., Justin P., Brittany P., Amber R., Donald M., Debby M., Ricky J., Ricky J., Norman R., Daina P., Tyler Y., Shawn H., Jeff M., Barbara D., David K., Patt S., Steve H., James L., billy i., Lisa P., Misty E., Dylan R., Roxy S., clay j., Kip P., Garrett B., Tobi C., GORDON K., Kevin H., Whitney L., Evy P., HANANH H., Shane C., GAYLE L., TAYLOR L.,
Show 9 names BILL W., Jason C., Sam W., Charlotte F., Billy F., Thomas L., Michael T., Jerry D., Keaton H.,
Show 40 names Kim Z., Cheryl H., Tresha P., Scott M., LeAnna M., Robert W., Buddy G., Lance S., Melinda S., Marsha M., Mason T., Gail H., Justin P., Brittany P., Ben S., Shawn H., Mike M., Tony B., Traci P., Herald G., Jim J., Shelly S., Douglas S., Tracey V., James L., Jamie P., Chad C., Anna C., Zach H., Kayla H., Lisa P., Jason E., Misty E., Kip P., Phylicia G., Levi G., GORDON K., ANGIE K., Glenda A., Karen E.,
Show 9 names Sam W., Thomas L., Billy F., Walter N., Camille N., Jana E., Kevin J., Melanie J., Connie R.,
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