Box Tops signup sheet

We aren’t sure what we will be doing to motivate the children to collect box tops for the 2017-2018 school year yet, but we will need volunteers to either help count box tops from home or help work a Box Top Store 3 times throughout the year if that’s the direction we go. We would love to implement the Box Top Store at our school again but we will need quite a few volunteers to help this be successful.

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What Who
Box Top Chair Kristy S.
Volunteer Kim W.
Volunteer Emily G.
Volunteer Danika H.
Volunteer Kristen S.
Volunteer Kendra K.
Volunteer Sarah T.
Volunteer Becky S.
Volunteer Melissa J.
Volunteer Shea S.
Volunteer Heather J.
Volunteer Jessica R.
Volunteer Kim H.
Volunteer Natalie C.
Volunteer Britney H.
Volunteer Jessie S.
Volunteer Stephanie B.
Volunteer April B.
Volunteer Chelsie S.
Volunteer Deb T.