East Oakland Burrito Roll: March 2019 (3/15 & 3/16/19) signup sheet

Thank you in advance for volunteering with the East Oakland Burrito Roll on Friday 3/15/19 and Saturday 3/16/19, Oakland City Church 2735 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland. (enter the building on the right, look for 'Chapel' sign on the left of the door, go down stairs to the right and enter the cafeteria/gym and find the kitchen at the back of the cafeteria)

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What and when
Prep Crew for Friday 3/15/19 (chopping veggies, cooking beans and rice, cleaning)
7pm to 10pm
Show 15 names Cathy O., Jess D., Daniela L., Naina G., Kaitlin D., Kim S., Megan T., Alan F., Adam C., nell s., Dominique Q., Scott B., Natacha J., Tauqilla M., Sa'adia M.,
Line Prep Crew For Saturday 3/16/19 (reheating food, getting the line ready for rolling)
9am to 10:30am
Show 10 names Jennifer P., Mandisa C., Junior League A., Junior League B., Junior League C., Maria A., ALESSANDRA N., Yadira D., Juan S., Jorge S.,
Rolling Crew for Saturday 3/16/19 (assembling burritos)
10:30am to 12/1pm
Carl, Jessica, Sierra, Nico, Angelic, Vanessa, Kim, Wanda,
Delivery Crew--drivers bringing their own car--for Saturday 3/16/19 (taking burritos/water directly to camps)
arrive by 11am to pick up supplies, end time varies on route--we provide list of locations
Carl, Kaitlin, Christine (CeeCee), Selina, Laura, Jillian, Agnes, Jillian,
Clean up Crew (scrubbling pots, cleaning up the kitchen-end time varies)
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