Lift Urban Portland Community Christmas Dinner 2017 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Community Christmas Dinner Hosted By Congregation Beth Israel Dec 25, 2017, 11:30 am -1:30 pm

Show volunteers

What and when
Dinner Chair
Volunteer Check-In Team 1
8:30-11:00 am
Dick, Geraldine, Geraldine, Linda, Bil,
Volunteer Check-In Team 2
11:00-2:00 pm
Michael, Margaret, Sydney, Alexander,
Welcome Team 1, greet guests, direct to dining room, distribute gifts
9:30-11:30 am
Show 11 names Karen W., Alan W., Eileen D., Linda O., Debbie L., Shemaya B., Louis G., Nikki D., susan R., Susie D., Stuart D.,
Welcome Team 2, greet guests, direct to dining room, distribute gifts
11:30-1:30 pm
Show 10 names marilyn f., david f., Karen E., Janet H., Fran B., Tom B., Jill N., Ed N., Michelle S., Erin G.,
Dining Room Set-Up Team, set and decorate tables, arrange gifts
9:00-11:00 am
Show 16 names Marah B., Naomi B., Lila B., David B., Leslie J. G., Rich G., Leo G., Ethan G., Sela G., Amie W., Talia W., Fern W., Jon W., Alison L., Jesse B., Stacy E.,
Head Cook
Buffet Line Serving Team, age 14yrs and up, fill plates in buffet line
10:30-1:30 pm
sue, Martha, John, Samantha, Margo, Barbara, Nick,
Food Serving Team,age 14yrs and up, serve guests, reset tables, cut pies
10:30-1:30 pm
Show 29 names Les S., donna b., Bob R., Joanie R., Lisa L., Lisa L., Chris L., Julie G., Brad G., Peter G., Scott G., Richard P., Shirley P., Jeannie t., Sam t., myra g., myra g., Davia R., Ted R., Marcy L., Max L., Sarah L., george k., Barb R., Jeff H., Laura M., Brian F., Jesse M., Joel K.,
Beverage Service Team, age 14 and up, prepare coffee, serve beverages
10:30-1:30 pm
Show 17 names Maurrie and Keith S., Tony K., Priscilla K., Elijah M., anita A., David A., Marsha G., David G., Phyllis B., Kent B., Sheryl H., Cheri T., Fred T., McKenzie T., Galen S., Dana S., Robert M.,
Meals On Wheels Drivers, deliver meals in community
10:00-12:00 pm
Show 27 names Michael F., Grant F., Mark A., Ted G., Meryl H., Bunny and Jerry S., Nikki D., Andrea O., Dennis K., Rhoda C., Daniel S., Gordon H., Debby, Craig, Jordyn, Kari and Mason Z., Sara, Aaron, Nate, Joel F., Amanda N., Naomi P., Janice K., Mark K., Kathie T., Gloria R., Claire and Matt T., Elizabeth F., Emily Q., Helen D., Joan M., Alan R., Leslie & Robert P.,
Gift Bag Distribution Team, assemble gift bags
9:00-11:00 am
Show 14 names Libby S., Dave S., River S., Debbie G., Randy G., Aaron G., Ira S., Evi P., Evi P., Marge C., Delia G., Linda L., Mary F., Amory B.,
Dining Room Clean-Up Team, clear used dishes, empty trash bins
10:30-2:30 pm
Show 17 names Hilary C., Ashlyn R., Shane R., Sheila S., Kyra S., Judy M., Judy G., Marvin G., Judy S., Gary S., Avril R., Richard H., Judith J., Wallace J., joanne T., Elaine F., Brooke B.,
Kitchen Clean-Up 1, operate dishwashers, deliver clean dishes to servers
11:00-1:00 pm
Jerry, Lynne, Tere, Darrol, David, Carole,
Kitchen Clean-Up 2, operate dishwashers, deliver clean dishes to servers
1:00-3:00 pm
Angelica, Shemaya, Annette, Lyndsay, Bruce,
Goodman Hall Final Clean-Up, return supplies to attic, run vacuums
2:00-4:00 pm
Show 10 names Anna E., Nate S., Sarah P., Mark U., Christy U., Robin M., Lian V., Lori S., Lesley D., Cody A.,
Float Volunteers Team 1, fill in as needed
10:30-12:30 pm
Bruce, Robyn, Lynn, Steve,
Float Volunteers Team 2, fill in as needed
12:30-2:30 pm
Dick, Joan, Amory, Merna,
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