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ABOUT: Join Mauriah and the other participants in Kern Park at the baseball diamond then head down to the Milwaukee River for a morning walk. Through a series of breathing, walking, listening, and imagining practices, you'll walk and attend to place, both internal and external. These walks are recurring and take place every 1st Saturday of the month and will continue through winter and spring.

INFO: Dress for the weather and for the ground underfoot. Mask is a must! Social distancing is part of the practice and there is a max of 10 people per walk. All ages welcome, all humans who want to walk and gently move their bodies are welcome! No fee to join.

"This practice draws on the outdoor improvised movement exercises I’ve been working with for the past few years. I am grateful to the following places + folks in these places, that taught me: the Illinois prairie, a small fishing village in Central America, forest preserves in Michigan, a medieval town in the mountains of France."

MEET MAURIAH: Mauriah Donegan Kraker is a midwesterner, a collaborative performance maker, a walker, movement artist, teacher. She is an advocate for slow travel: walking around the block and through the city as a means of attending to choreographic unfolding of time cycles in the body + land. She has led folks on site walks through the Italian Alps, sound walks in southern France, and outings to highway underpasses and prairies in the Midwest- the walks culminating in participatory events and dance performance. Find her near the Milwaukee River, where she is serving as an Artist in Residence of the Milwaukee River Greenway.
Mauriah's Website:
Instagram: @mauriah.k

ARTservancy: Mauriah is a 2020-2021 ARTservancy Artist in Residence of the Milwaukee River at the River Revitalization Foundation. This yearlong residency program will feature the work of twelve artists who each select a land trust preserve to engage with to create a body of artwork. The objective of ARTservancy is to promote the visionary work of both the artists and the land conservation. Mauriah’s time at the Milwaukee River will culminate in a week-long series of events in mid-summer, ranging from service oriented gatherings to storytelling, river walks, and site specific performances in and along the river.

Show volunteers

What and when
Morning Walk December
Saturday, December 5th 2020 10am-11am
Show 8 names Greg S., Angela M., Angela M., Bill S., Kimberly G., Eddee D., Barry C., Jonathan S.,
Morning Walk January
Saturday, January 2nd 2021 10am-11am
Show 8 names Brandy K., Bill S., Sally M., Cynthia M., Allan M., Saffron M., Sage M., Suzanne T.,
Morning Walk February
Saturday, February 6th 2021 10am-11am
Show 10 names Rachel S., Jeremy E., Nicole S., Keith K., Brandy K., Jessie M., Linda R., Caleb T., Janiece T., Carissa S.,
Morning Walk March
Saturday, March 6th 2021 10am-11am
Show 10 names Lorraine J., Keith K., Brandy K., Jessie M., Linda R., Carissa S., Jennifer N., Marsha M., Terrence S., Beth S.,
Morning Walk April
Saturday, April 3rd 2021 10am-11am
Show 10 names Marcella K., Brandy K., Jessie M., Linda R., Rachel E., Jeremy E., Margaret K., Kieran K., Heidi P., Mary Ann M.,
Morning Walk May
Saturday, May 1st 2021 10am-11am
Jeremy, Rachel, Adam, Keith, Mary Ann, Larri,
Morning Walk June
Saturday, June 5th 2021 10am-11am
Adam, Keith, Mary Ann, Marcella, Marlise, Gabrielle, Bill,
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