Camp Bothellhood Snacks signup sheet

Each year we send along some snacks to be eaten at team meetings, between meals, etc. All items needed are based on "Costco" sized quantities. If you can help by purchasing a snack to send with the team please sign up and then bring the morning they leave for camp we will load it all on the buses. Thanks for your help. The team really appreciates these goodies we send each year.

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Chewy Granola Bars
Show 8 names Tracy I., Tracy I., Marcie M., Marcie M., Brandi M., Cara C., Kristin E., Shery J.,
Rice Krispy Treats
Show 10 names Rhonda N., Cara C., Shery J., Cathy G., ronnie f., Daiselyn A., Daiselyn A., Ranee L., Ranee L., kendi L.,
Whole Watermelon - Uncut
Show 15 names Jenn S., Jenn S., Angela J., Angela J., Rocio M., Dianna P., Jared S., CATHIE C., CATHIE C., Juli L., Doug D., Doug D., Jennifer H., Jennifer H., Tami G.,
Nutri Grain Bars
Show 10 names Rhonda N., Rocio M., Catherine N., Catherine N., Catherine N., Robyn S., Matt P., Kristi B., Rudy S., Ellen G.,
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
Show 10 names Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H., Kym H.,
Austiin Peanut Butter Crackers or Variety Pack
Show 8 names Rhonda N., Cathy G., Tracy B., Amie M., Amie M., Kristi B., Sarah J., Kym H.,
Sweet & Salty Peanut Granola Bars
Eleanor, Eleanor, Diane, Diane, Amanda, Robyn,
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