Chicago Pride Parade signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Sunday, June 30th
11:30AM, Parade starts at 12:00PM
An email will be sent two days prior with additional information for your shift including parking, activities and other relevant details.

Show volunteers

What and when
Pride Parade Volunteers
6/30, 11:30AM
Armando, Joel, Richard Nicholas, Rogelio, Griselda, Vanessa, Vanessa, Fabiola, Anahi, Jonathan D, Samantha, Grey, Jillian, Ethan, Alexandra, Dylan, Dana, Dustin, Jennifer, Laura, Jacob, Kayli, Dylan Bartosik 8-10 people, Hyla, April, Rayden, Luis, Jesus, James, Gillian, Steven, Becky, Bendi, Angel, Tom, David, Franky, Sheila, Lily, Stuart, Philip, Jessica (6-8 people), Richard, Debrah, Kelly, Marina, Khristian, Karina, Abigayle, Abigayle, Toni, Abby, Pedro, Nick, David (4-6 people), Michelle, Ron, Callie, Matthew, Philip, Kathy, Julie, Sarah, Bernard, MANISH, Iyanna, Robert, Brett, Nicole, Marc, Philip, Nathan, Ronald, Jeffrey, David, Jordan, Gavin, Gavin, Michelle, Claire, Allie, Vicky, Kendra, Marie, Maggie, Timothy, Genavie, Lauren, Julie, Valerie, Tamika, Tyler, Matthew, Terry, Jay,
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