Volunteering with Villa Musica! signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

If you're seeing this message but weren't expecting it, please verify that you've clicked on the correct sign-up sheet link.

Here are a couple different days and times we would love you to be a part of to help share the joy of music with children! You get to show them how to make an instrument so that they are creatively designing their music-maker to become a musician!

We also need volunteers for our Villa Musica Art and Music Society Event. Help set up and enjoy the show!

Would you like to help our kids concert at Torrey Pines? We could use some extra hands with coordinating the kids getting on and off the stage.

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Show volunteers

What and when
Instrument Making at the Van Go event in Little Italy (a community event that promotes the integration of the sciences and arts in one event that draws families and businesses together)
June 11th noon-6pm (Pick a shift!)
Instrument Making at Logan Heights
June 22nd, 3:00-5:30
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