Volunteer Registration for the Fall 2017 Children's thrift sale signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

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Volunteer Agreement

By completing this on-line registration, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and will abide by the following volunteer agreement:

• I agree to read and abide by the guidelines outlined in the Volunteer Handbook. The volunteer coordinator will e-mail volunteers their assignments and the handbook a couple of weeks before the sale.

• I agree to work the volunteer shift I have signed up for plus sale day. All volunteers must work the sale on Saturday September 23rd from 7:30am-1:00pm plus a second shift to participate in the Pre-Shop*.

• I agree to arrive 10 minutes prior to my shift to sign in with the volunteer coordinator, pick up a name tag and pinnie, and Pre-Shop pass. Saturday shift volunteers can pick up their pass on Friday from 2:00-5:30pm.

• All volunteers are required to wear a pinnie. If you are not able to wear it, it must at least be pinned to the back of your shirt (we will provide safety pins) so that volunteers can easily be identified. Volunteers not wearing a pinnie as stated will be considered to have not completed their volunteer shift.

• Volunteers working the Friday 3-6pm shift will have from 2:30-3:30pm to bring in and put their items out on the floor. If you will require more than one hour then you should arrange for someone else to put out your items or choose a different shift.

• I agree to contact the volunteer coordinator at least 24 hours in advance of my volunteer shift if I cannot fulfill my obligation. E-mail info@childrensthriftsale.com.

• I understand and agree that I cannot bring my child/children during any volunteer shifts nor does the Children’s Thrift Sale provide childcare.

• Personal belongings are not permitted inside the Hall. Lockers are available for use during your shift; please bring your own lock. Employees and/or volunteers from any of; the Children’s Thrift Sale, KMFRC, and CFB Kingston/DND are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

• The Children’s Thrift Sale can be physically demanding. The committee will do its best to make accommodations for anyone disclosing medical conditions, physical restrictions, injuries, etc., but reserves the right to decline a volunteer for any or all shifts where it feels a volunteer cannot fulfill the requirements of the shift and/or there is risk of aggravating disclosed conditions/injuries. Should this occur, the volunteer would still be eligible for the Pre-Shop.

• I agree to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from my participation as a volunteer in the Children’s Thrift Sale from whatever cause, either foreseen or unforeseen, against any employees and/or volunteers from any of; the Children’s Thrift Sale, KMFRC, and CFB Kingston/DND.

• Please wear a RED T-Shirt when you are volunteering on Saturday so that all volunteers can be easily recognized. A pinnie will be provided for volunteers to wear during their other shifts.

• I agree that if I partake in the Pre-shop, I will fulfill my volunteer duties as described above.

*Pre-shop Information:
A Pre-shop is offered to thank our volunteers for their hard work and commitment to the sale. The Pre-shop will be Friday September 22nd from 7:15-9:15pm. Each volunteer will receive one Pre-shop pass. You must have your pass with you to participate in the Pre-shop. You can pick up your pass from the volunteer coordinator on Friday from 2:00-5:30pm. The only people allowed in the building for the Pre-Shop will be volunteers with a Pre-Shop pass and the CTS committee, please do not bring children, spouses, parents or guests as they will NOT be permitted in the building.

If you have any questions about volunteering please e-mail the volunteer coordinator at info@childrensthriftsale.com

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What and when
Friday set up shift
Friday September 22nd from 12noon - 3pm
Show 15 names Christine S., Janza G., Laura-Lee S., Francine T., Melissa A., Debbie O., Ali M., Crystal C., Krista C., Amy M., Jenny D., Jane F., Beth G., DENIZ T., sarah O.,
Friday lay out shift
Friday September 22nd from 3pm - 6pm
Celine, Anita, Andria, Megan, Allyson, Jennifer, Andrea,
Saturday clean up shift
Saturday September 23nd from 2pm - 5pm
Jennifer, Janise, Kimberly, Janice, Felicity, Lindsay, Deborah, Paula, Ainsleey, Chantelle, Susan, Colleen, Carolyn, Ashley, Tanya, Connie, Marilyn, Amy, Laura, Jennifer, Morag, Shyla, Jennifer, Brandice, Kathryn, Asia, Jolie,
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