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Mazu Perimeter Crew signup sheet

Mazu: Goddess of the Empty Sea burns on Friday, September 4th 2015.

(See article at for more information about the project.)

There will be a 600 foot diameter perimeter and we need 130 people to form our perimeter crew.

We need you to check in with us Friday at 8:15pm at Mazu: Goddess of the Empty Sea and you will be needed until approximately 11pm. (Weather dependent of course) You will be issued with a sexy Mazu branded high vis vest, which you may keep after the burn with our thanks.

It is very important that you are sober for this shift as you are responsible for people's safety and may be required to manage large crowds.

We will email you further details. Thank you for being part of this fabulous project.

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What and when
Perimeter Crew @ Mazu: Goddess of the Empty Sea
8.15pm - Friday Sept 4th, 2015
Jayne D., Karin N., Ieva Marija D., Robert - Luke - B., Dave C., Mephy K., Holger - Thatsokay W., Michelle L., Michael "deuce" D., Paolo M., Melissa M., Giu A., Susy C., Bridget M., David L., Stephanie S., Archie M., 7DG - Ben O., Kimberli C., Lynda N., Shannon G., Linda (Spanky) Z., Celine (Neko) B., RA W., Ilya P., Kelley L., Marc L., Shane (Peter Pan) T., Brandon E., Jessie T., Mike U., A.J. G., Ambrosia D., Susan T., Audrey D., Anna O., Richard J., Cassie W., Alberto S., Leesa E., Elizabeth W., Elizabeth W., Dewi Maike L., belinda c., Yaniv M., Danne S., Helen H., Carrie P., Shelly H., Katherine P., shane s., Nathan S., Betsy F., Edward W., Brooke N., Courtney Bitches H., Bradley O., Beth F., robert s., Rosemary W., Daniel J., Velvetina P., Nathan P., Brandilyn H., Susan Y., Lebo N., Raoul M., Paula W., Adam P., David R., BueanChica T., Susanne P., Philip D., Paul G., Mason N., Olive D., Abi G., Dave C., Danielle G., Jessica H., Big Chief G., Dammitt Bill S., Tamie B., Eric S., Andy E., falk l., Tuffy L., Becca D., Brandon L., Dwayne J., Amanda H., christine e., Andrew J., Angela C., Albert Y., Stacey S., tautis s., makan t., Jessica L., Bob W., Ryan V., Jarin C., Jesse M., Kevin C., Seb P., Jason Y., Alex Y., Melissa C., Arlon C., Mark A., Joe K., Mike L., Martin C., Jessica S., Natalie E., Angela C.,
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