Monster Dash - Soldier Field South Lot signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Expo - October 22, 2016
Race Day - October 23, 2016

**Triple Bones for all Course Marshals**
Course Marshal Meeting - TBA

Show volunteers

What and when
Expo - Shift #3 **Double Bones**
4pm-8pm; Sat, Oct 22nd
Andrea, Denise, Geraldine, Ihsan, Nancy, Derek, Bianca,
Expo - All Day
8am-8pm; Fri, Sat, Oct 22nd
Show 10 names Julio L., Shavell T., Tim P., mike H., Damian E., Alexandra R., Alondra Q., Derrick F., Larry C., Isaac M.,
Photography (Must supply own camera)
8am-12:30pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Bag Drop
7:30am-12:30pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Show 10 names Nicole A., terence c., monica O., Cathy S., Elias G., Caprice L., denise G., Alexis V., Antonio H., Sergio D.,
Medical Tent *Certified Volunteer*
8:30am-12:30pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Kenny, Melissa,
Course Marshal (Times based on last runner, subject to early end. Will receive full amount of Bones)
8am-1pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Edith, evelio, cherry, RACHAEL, Gabrielle, Yesenia, Steven, Stephanie, Miles, Christopher, Maura, Shavell, Loislove, Joan,
Tear Down Crew **Triple Bones**
11am-3pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Show 10 names Kenya R., Julio L., Tim P., Sean M., Alondra Q., Derrick F., Alexandra R., Larry C., Isaac M., Ihsan P.,
Warehouse Help (Flags, Inventory, Store Set Up, Ect.)
4:30pm-8:30pm, Thurs, Oct 20th
Vida, Debbie, Ophelia, RACHAEL, Kaori (Kay),
Warehouse Help (Flags, Inventory, Store Set Up, Ect.)
4:30pm-8:30pm, Fri, Oct 21st
evelio, Stephen, Monica, Bianca, Julio,
Expo Set Up - **Triple Bones**
7am-12pm; Sat, Oct 22nd
Show 10 names Mike H., Kenya R., Judy C., Gaby D., Andrea D., Eftehia K., Caprice L., Carolina O., Tyler D., Denise G.,
Expo - Shift #1 **Double Bones**
9am-1pm; Sat, Oct 22nd
Show 10 names Stephen T., Lawanda D., Perri N., Doris M., Salvador L., Juan A., Monica R., Veronica J., Alison E., Ihsan P.,
Expo - Shift #2 **Double Bones**
12:30pm-4:30pm; Sat, Oct 22nd
Show 10 names Jesse B., darren t., Nayeli B., lucy T., Perri N., Andrea D., Alison E., Veronica J., Anthony M., Denise G.,
Morning Set Up Crew **Triple Bones**
6am-10am; Sun, Oct 23rd
Mike, Kenya, Jarrett, Liceth, Alondra,
Food/Drink Tent
8:30am-12:30pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Show 10 names Madeline C., Ivan M., Marnie G., Jeffrey G., Nayeli B., Lavada H., Julie I., Sheri S., Yolanda O., Kate W.,
Start/Finish Line Assistants
7:30am-12:30; Sun, Oct 23rd
Show 20 names Julio L., Perri N., Caitlin K., Tim P., Ola P., Ihsan P., Nicolette K., Natalie O., Haley O., Gabby S., Maddie S., Ava S., Maanas B., Samir A., Matthew E., Natalia L., Kyle F., Sophie J., Atif O., Julian R.,
Athlete Village (Volunteer tent, Store, Registration, Floater)
7am-12:30pm; Sun, Oct 23rd
Mike, Shavell, Briana, Maggie, Rob,
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