2018 Fleet Feet Youth Track Series - Meet #2: Sunday, July 22nd Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Please signup below to volunteer for Meet #2 of the 2018 Fleet Feet Youth Track Series to be held at Hurrell Field, Glen Ridge on Sunday, July 22nd. There are two meets scheduled for this summer series - July 8th and July 22nd with a rain date on July 29th. These meets are open to boys and girls ages 4-13 to introduce them to the sport of running in a low-key and fun atmosphere. Registration opens at 4:00 pm and the events start at 5:00 pm. There will be multiple running events at distances from 50 meters to 1 mile and two field events, long jump and turbo javelin throw. This is the signup sheet for the meet on Sunday, July 22nd. There is a separate signup sheet for the meet on July 8th. We need at least 30 people from 4:30 - 7:00 pm to help with the meets and we also need a few people to come early to help with setup and registration. Thank you!

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What and when
Set Up
Noah, Manel, Gina, Siobhan, Kiernan,
Brian, Katrina, Dawn, Gina, Heidi, Siobhan,
Track & Field Team
Tom, Elizabeth, Manel, Noah, Siobhan, Benjy, Emma, Julia, Jacque, Charles, Terrell, Jeff, MARLENNE, Brian, Melie, Aidan, Daniel, William, Charlene, Jason, Tracey, Malecia, Johnny,
Clean Up
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