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What and when
Thursday Preliminary Session
8/1 8:10am-1pm (timeline dependent)
Show 11 names Cathy J., Housan H., Hannah H., Rollin L., Carl P., Christa P., Joyce R., Debbie G., Melissa R., Carrie B., Beth R.,
Thursday 10 and Under Session
8/1 1pm-4pm (timeline dependent)
Show 12 names Brandy T., Joni W., Ginny C., Sara G., Billy G., Brayden W., Bella D., WooYoung K., Nathan S., George I., Hagen R., Rachael K.,
Friday Finals Session
8/2 5pm-8pm (timeline dependent)
Show 8 names Jennifer R., anabelle C., Eugene D., Jamie S., Christina B., Mark B., Maggie D., Christine H.,
Saturday Preliminary Session
8/3 8:10am-1pm (timeline dependent)
Show 8 names Rob C., Thomas L., Jen H., Kathy F., Penny J., Marie B., Rebecca D., Wediana O.,
Saturday 10 and Under Session
8/3 1pm-4pm (timeline dependent)
Show 8 names Jarrod T., Billy G., William G., Sam F., Beth F., Diane B., Marco B., Divina S.,
Saturday Finals Session
8/3 4-8pm (timeline dependent)
Show 10 names Lauren M., Jason K., Valerie K., Xin H., Penny V., Vanja D., Aimee C., Aimee C., Dan D., Marija C.,
Sunday Preliminary Session
8/4 8:10a-1pm (timeline dependent)
Show 8 names Patricia H., David L., David J., Brent A., Brigitta M., Devin M., Aidan M., Ann Marie M.,
Sunday Finals Session
8/4 4-8pm (timeline dependent)
Cindy, Ricky, heather, Madalina, Liqun, Meetu, Arya,
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