LL Cares December 2016 Community Service Project Holy Trinity Church Soup Kitchen signup sheet

Saturday December 10, 2016 4:15pm-6:30pm
316 East 88th Street (1st and 2nd ave)
This event is open to TEN 4th and 5th Graders. This can be a drop-off event or parents are welcome to stay.
Supper guests come from many walks of life, and they are welcomed into this small and warm space for a few hours each week to partake in this community. The children will help decorate cupcakes, help set tables, greet dinner guests and sing holiday songs while supper guests are eating.

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Student Name
Show 10 names Ella M., Harrison A., Georgia H., Emily K., Lexie K., lori z., Olivia B., Bridget G., Tommy H., Arden B.,
Chaperone Name
Mina (parent), Leslie (parent), Vicky, Rick, Michael, Michael,
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