2019 Terrace Yr 12 Induction Mass Volunteer Helper Sign Up Sheet

Volunteer helpers required for two shifts: First shift 10.30-2.30pm Second Shift: noon - 4pm

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Set up and Serve
10.30 - 2.30pm
Show 20 names Nerida D., Geoff S., Debbie M., Simone L., Alison B., Delia T., Madonna B., Lisa G., Simone H., Antoinette B., Terri B., Felicity L., Heather G., Pip C., Nicola M., Cheryl D., Janine L., Cindy Z., Judy S., Bridget X.,
Serve and Clean up
noon - 4pm
Show 20 names Tamara A., Delia T., Lisa S., Tracy P., Kris S., Andria M., Catherine A., Jill H., Lisa B., Maggie D., Mark Y., Rosemary J., Mechelle F., Margaret C., Helen P., Kim K., Margie N., Christine M., Lucy S., Leisa L.,
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