OCF Stewardship: Trail Work & Crag Clean Up signup sheet

Help us improve access trails and prevent erosion in the Ogden Boulder Field and Schoolroom Climbing area. 

-8 a.m. - Noon
-Saturday, April 8th, 2017
-Meet @ Saint Joseph High School Parking Lot (1790 Lake St. Ogden, Utah)
-Free lunch provided by Lucky Slice from 12p-1p (after cleanup)
-Coffee and small pastries available for purchase (morning of)
-Bring gloves if you have them or gloves will be provided

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OCF Stewardship: Trail Work & Crag Clean Up
Saturday, April 8th, 2017
DJ, Madison, Scott, Jason, Jill, Rick, Stefani, Fox, Vanian, Kelsey, Jack, Andrea, Chelsy, Nico, Hannah, Ben, Wayne, Katy, Kayla, Dylan, Amy, JESSICA, MICHAEL, Kyle, Ashley, Alison, Chris, Katherine, Adam, Bryson, kayley, Susan, Frank, Kerry, Jim, Emily, Angela, JOEL, MICAH, Spencer, Kassie, Blake, Zachary, Aimee, Jeffrey, sami, hayden, Hayes, Matt, Justin, Raquel, Aubrey, Rachel, Kyle, Christina, Casey, Scott, Dmitry, Haley, Blake, Michael, Maddy, Betsy, Nixie, Erik, David, Dan, Amanda, Travis, Mark, Michelle,
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