2020 Induction Mass Food Donations Friday 7th Feb signup sheet

Please drop to either Gregory Terrace Canteen (to Micheal) or UQ on the day (further details at start of term next year)

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

Savoury platter (30 pieces)
Show 15 names Diana G., Jane C., Anna W., Bridget V., Nicole C., Elizabeth S., CATH H., Penny W., RACHEL H., Paula L., Bonnie T., Jacqui K., Felicity A., Kym O., Annette L.,
Sweet platter (30 pieces)
Erin, Dina, Kim, Susannah, Sam, Kate, Jan, Kaylene, Tania, Louise, Tracey, Kian, Sandeep, Gail, Daniella, Celia, tanya, Jennifer, Anne, Karen, Alyson, janina, Catherine, Karen, Jane, Amanda, Danielle, Samantha, Diane, Frances, Frances, Jo, Kate, Karen, Victoria, Diana, Danielle, Mary Ellen, Kim, Jocelyn, Anne-Marie, Andrei & Daniela, Susie, Jenny, Ida,
Gluten free (please email Libby to advise) (30 pieces)
Rachel, Jane, Lorraine, Lydia, Denise, Symone, Symone,
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