Postcards to Kentucky and South Carolina signup sheet

Thank you for signing up to write postcards to voters in Kentucky and South Carolina. Once you sign up below, you will be immediately emailed a confirmation notice. This notice will contain a google.doc link next to the word "WHEN." Please click that link and fill out the form. The form will ask you about your delivery and postage preferences. You must fill out the form for you to receive your postcard packages. After you fill out the form, you will be contacted around the second week of July with a nearby location to pick up your postcard package(s) or given a date they will be delivered. Each package will include 30 postcards, addresses, and talking points, (optional donation for postage). Please sign up with a club/organization that is servicing a city near your home so we can expedite the delivery of your cards. Thank you so much volunteering! Let's help Ditch Mitch and Retire Graham. It is going to take every single one of us to flip these seats; YES WE CAN!

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OC Organizing Crew: Newport Beach, Costa Mesa
Show 80 names faye H., Laurie S., Vicki Z., Frances G., James D., Jonathan R., Danna L., mary c., Pam K., Maureen J., Liz P., Teri B., Catherine M., Chuck J., Sue S., Jon R., William S., Joanna R., Janet H., Shirley L., Alex M., Joyce C., Pam and Doug C., Anne G., Anne B., Eileen M., Gail W., Annie V., Roxi Z., Cathey R., JAYE J., Donna W., Lynne H., Adrienne L., Ashley P., Kay B., Bob B., Jyoti V., gloriaapple R., Richard G., Gretchen B., Verna A., Kim B., ANITA W., Leslie Z., Kathleen S., Randy A., Patty G., Karen F., Roz E., Maureen Q., Val F., Mary N., Nancy G., Diana C., Carol L., Holly J., Bette R., Leslie M., Pam C., Vera M., Barbara S., sallie jane s., Cindy S., Colette M., Teray S., Julie M., Latika S., Pat D., Rachel N., Joanna H., Jackie D., Liz P., Laurie S., Flo M., Patricia N., KATHY F., Beverly R., Melody M., Stephanie S.,
HB Huddle: Huntington Beach
Show 64 names Laurie S., Alex M., Jennifer I., Les H., Maureen W., Lori K., Maggie W., Patricia N., Maria S., Linda G., Paul K., kathy f., Alice Marie D., Donna K., Judy S., BARBARA E S., Nancy P., Annette B., jackie d., Brenda G., Stuart F., Kathy W., Carol L., Judith L., Flo M., Cathey R., George R., Ginger T., Andy H., Pepper H., Mary A., Mary Ann C., Jan M., Nora P., Gail R., Nancy G., Beverly May R., kelly k., Teray S., Jane F., Carol O., Jyoti v., Cathey R., Ginger T., Carol L., Alice Marie D., Maria S., Ned L., Andy H., Marilyn R., Natalie R., Annette B., Donna K., Paul K., Kathy W., Jackie P., Carol C., Linda L., Nancy P., Nadine B., Mary A., LaurieD D., Pamela R., Carol O.,
DemOC PAC: Irvine, Newport Beach
Show 22 names Alex M., Anne B., Jeanne S., Cathey R., Lynne H., Jyoti V., Shirley H., Susan B., Lynne B., Nina S., Barbara S., Tina L., Cheryl F., neslihan i., susan b., Patricia M., Anne W., Jeremy H., Roberta L., Pepper H., Beverly R., Julie T.,
Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club: Newport Beach, Huntington Beach
Show 72 names Jennifer I., Alex M., Laurie S., Christi W., Anne B., Jennifer I., Jennifer I., Stuart F., Evelyn H., Wendi W., Norma W., Tony G., Maxine G., Liz P., Jennifer M., Gail P., Robert & Beryl S., Janet C., Joyce C., Cathey R., Deborah E., Eva G., Gaby G., Tony G., Beverly W., Susan T., karen t., William K., Nancy L., sandra a., Lynda A., Lynn L., Jennifer K., Ellen N., Carol C., Shruti M., Beverly R., Toni S., Georgie M., Marjorie M., Haley H., Nancy S., Art S., Phoebe L., Coranne g., Nancy E., Nancy E., Teri T., (Marilyn) Joyce P., Mary S., Ginny K., Colette M., Billie H., Joni N., Leslie V., Mary Ann H., Helen D., Margaret R., Susan E., Betty C., Denise M., Cate B., Gail R., Dinah F., Anne G., Patty H., Patty H., Brenda G., Maureen R., Jon R., Mary A., Patricia G.,
Laguna Beach Democratic Club: Laguna Beach
Show 17 names Alex M., Linda H., mary c., Pam K., Mary C., Nancy W., Roger O., Carol S., Sue M., Kay F., Kathleen S., Vicki Z., Jean A., Kate D., MARY C., Julian J., Kathy J.,
Imagine Action: Newport Coast, Costa Mesa
Show 12 names Christi W., Joy H., faye H., Susan S., Cindy D., Andria S., Carol J., Thierry K., Patricia N., Rozmarie S., Afsaneh A., Janet h.,
Aliso Niguel Dem Club: Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel
Show 16 names Todd H., Diana M., Nancy L., Ann O., Phyllis R., Barbara A., Merrill D., Ellen D., Julie C., Marsha L., Sue M., Kathleen S., Ericka G., Maureen M., Casey J., Michael S.,
Democrats of Greater Irvine: Irvine
Josh, Susan, Cindy, Susan,
Costa Mesa Dem Club Postcards: Costa Mesa
Show 15 names Cash R., Vanessa W., Patricia H., Gail P., Maxine M., Maggie G., Joni N., Mary H., lisa c., Julie J., Danny G., Harriet W., Rachel N., Sharyn C., Tom A.,
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