Fall Carnival signup sheet

Who are we?
Every fall Farr West Elementary has a Fall Carnival that encourages families from the school as well as the surrounding area to come together as a community. Our fall Carnival strives to provide a family event that will allow all children to have fun. This event is only possible because of the hard work of parent volunteers and community and family donations.

What is required of Volunteers?
We have something for everyone! It takes a small army to plan and execute Fall Carnival. You can give a couple hours to help out on the day of the Carnival or a few hours a week to help with the planning. Fall Carnival requires coordinating five key areas to make the festival a success:

o The Ticket Committee is responsible for getting the form copied and sent home selling pre-sale tickets at a discounted price two weeks before the event; be available to count out the tickets as the orders come in and put them in an organized will-call box and be available to hand out will-call tickets at the ticket booth the day of the festival. The more volunteers we get for this committee, the easier it will be to assign shifts the day of the event so that you can enjoy the carnival with your child.

o The Decoration Committee is responsible for making sure that every booth is decorated with carnival themed decorations (we provide); placing them on tables; and helping hang banners and balloons all over the festival.

o The Sponsorship Committee is one our most important committees. We need people to go out to local businesses and ask for money and silent auction items. We need as many donations as possible! This is what enables us to host such a successful event. All contributions are tax-deductible. We will provide you with sponsorship forms to hand out to local businesses. This committee will also oversee the silent auction held the night of the carnival.

o The Booth Liaison committee is responsible for managing sign-up sheets that will be distributed to each classroom leading up to the event and coordinating with the room parent of each class. Each classroom will oversee a specific booth and will need to donate or borrow certain things such as an easy-up canopy, items for the booth (we do have some available to use and there are many items in the PE closet they can use) and time slots for parents to work their booth. Your job is to contact each room parents and make sure they have all their items and resources. The day of the event, you will need to visit each booth and see if everything is running smoothly, give potty breaks, bring back up supplies, and pass out bottled waters to the volunteers at their booths.

o The Food Committee is responsible for organizing the food trucks and any other food related booths.

o The Set Up and Clean Up committee will help recruit volunteers to be present on the day of the Carnival 2.5 hours before the event and 2 hours after the event. They will be in command of where tents will be placed before the event as well as taking down tents after the event. They will help decorations committee set up and run items to individual booths as needed.

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Ticket Committee Chair
Ticket Committee Volunteer
Alesa, Stephanie, Jen,
Decoration Committee Chair
Decoration Committee Volunteer
Lacey, Shannon, Adam,
Silent Auction Committee Volunteer
Susan, Chelsie, Kimberly,
Booth Liaison Committee Chair
Booth Liaison Committee Volunteer
Set up and Clean up Committee Volunteer
Alesa, Kelsie,
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