H3T 2017: Triathlon & Bike Ride Volunteers, Saturday, October 21st, 2017 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Saturday October 21st. Assist with the bicycle portion of the H3 Triathlon & Bike Ride. Help is needed at Ala Moana Beach Park and Aikahi Elementary, and ride leaders for return group rides from Kailua to Ala Moana.
Information is subject to change. Please contact Travis Counsell at travis@hbl.org or 808-735-5756 for more information.

Ala Moana Bike Start - Assist organizing bikes at the start area. Plus performing a Safety Check on bicycles as they arrive (brakes, tires, etc).

Aikahi Elementary -
T2 Bike-to-Run corral at Aikahi Elementary School from 5:30 am to receive triathletes numbered Run Bag from Ala Moana Beach Park transport, and organizing the Run Bags in numerical order at numbered bike racks. Before triathletes arrive, each volunteer will position themselves at both ends and middle of each row of bike racks to assist triathletes in locating their numbered Run Bag. After the last triathlete leaves the T2 corral, volunteers will match and place numbered Swim/Bike Bag to corresponding bikes for easy identification and pick up.
Bike Ride dismount area (in front of finish line) from 6:30 am to slow down riders and instruct them to dismount and walk their bikes into Bike Ride corral.
T2 dismount area to T2 corral from 7:00 am to slow down triathletes and instruct them to dismount and walk their bikes into T2 corral and direct Triathletes from T2 corral out to run course.
Setup / Take Down large inflatable archway for entrance to transition center.

Show volunteers

What and when
Packet Pickup - Boca Hawaii - Wednesday Shift 1
10/18 - 12pm to 3pm
Packet Pickup - Boca Hawaii - Wednesday Shift 2
10/18 - 3pm to 6pm
Packet Pickup - Boca Hawaii - Thursday Shift 1
10/19 - 12pm to 3pm
Dottie, Les,
Packet Pickup - Boca Hawaii - Thursday Shift 2
10/19 - 3pm to 6pm
Donna, Sabrina,
Saturday Shift 1- Ala Moana at Start - Bike Safety Check / Start of Ride Volunteers
10/21 - 4am to 7am
Jessica, Jack, Davis, Mitchell, Joshua, Casey, Rudy, Hector,
Saturday Shift 2 - Aikahi Elementary Bike Finish - Setting up Archway / Directing Riders
10/21 - 5:30am to 8am
Julianne, Rosa, Dottie, Welli, Heather, Gary,
Saturday Shift 3 - Aikahi Elementary Transition 2 - Directing Riders / Taking Down Archway
10/21 - 7:30am to 11:00am
Donna, Sabrina, Dottie, Roger, Gayle, Kari,
Saturday Shift 4 - Ride Leaders for Return Ride from Aikahi to Ala Moana via Makapuu
10/21 - 9am, 10am & 11am
DON, Tim, James, Lori,
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