March 16 2020 Segway Experience Trainers signup sheet

Trainers signup sheets. There are two shifts for the trainers: 8:30 to 11:30 and 11:30 to 3:00. There are 9 trainers needed for each ride session. 14 trainers are needed for the morning and afternoon rides. 2 trainers are used for road guards. All trainers will be rotated as road guards.

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
8:30 to 11:30
Show 14 names Dave C., Ed M., Daniel E., Jeff A., Ted M., Bud W., Larry L., Frank W., Leah V., Bernadette A., Ken T., Richard A., Victor P., Rob G.,
11:30 to 3:00
Show 14 names Ed M., Vicki L., Bill M., Jeff A., Susan P., Stormy A., Ralph W., Sally W., Leah V., Bernadette A., Marilyn V., Kathy D., Steve B., Ray L.,
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