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BMS Library Volunteers Fall 2023 signup sheet

Sign up to help in the BMS library one day every 1-2 weeks. Help shelve and check books out and keep an eye on the kids! Would like 2 people for each morning slot so that you can alternate and back each other up or both come in for certain projects.

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What and when
Monday morning library volunteer
Mondays 8:10-9:00am
Julia W., Ali K.,
Tuesday morning library volunteer
Tuesdays 8:10-9:00am
Jones L., Morgen G.,
Wednesday morning library volunteer
Wednesdays 8:10-9:00am
Heather M., Carrie M.,
Thursday morning library volunteer
Thursdays 8:10-9:00am
Wendy Y., Kathryn L.,
Friday morning library volunteer
Fridays 8:10-9:00am
Leah O., Rachel B.,
Monday afternoon library volunteer
Mondays 2:30-3:30
Lorca S., Adriane L.,
Thursday afternoon library volunteer
Thursdays 2:30-3:30
Julie N., Marty J.,
Occasional volunteer
As needed
Kim K., Kimberly H., Evan B., Morgen G., Jessica D.,
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