2019 Volunteering @ the Wasa Lake Triathlon signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Thanks in advance for supporting the athletes on June 8-9. Appreciation of your efforts will be shown with endless thank-you's from the racers, a souvenir shirt and a Subway lunch bag. Once you've added your name to the Wasa Triathlon Volunteer CREW, you'll receive a confirmation email and the Volunteer Guide will be emailed to you one week prior to the event weekend. You're welcome to sign up for 2 non-overlapping positions and please forward this web link to anyone interested in being part of the Wasa Volunteer CREW. Cheers, Charlie Cooper, event organizer

Show volunteers

What and when
THURS: Race Bag Stuffing in the cafeteria of the College of the Rockies - Cranbrook
7:00pm-8:30pm Thurs, June 6
Show 30 names Sam M., Steve H., Sandy H., Barb F., Chris B., Candice E., tim f., scott m., CANDICE E., Scott M., Laurie s., Sharon P., Malcolm S., Raylyn O., Cherie C., Aspen C., Quinn C., Christina M., Owen S., Julie S., Shelly b., Chris B., Faith H., Monica B., Rachel M., Carrie C., Joanna S., Ryan S., Holger B., Thomas F.,
Saturday: Racer Package Handout - welcoming, verifying info, handing out bags
2:15pm-5:00pm at Wasa Community Hall
Show 20 names Andrew M., Marnie D., Shireen B., Debbie W., Donelda K., Barbara B., Joanne M., David M., Colleen D., Mark G., Barb L., Mamiko K., Pete H., Michelle L., Francine M., Teresa K., Kiki J., Kelly K., Jeannie M., Ian F.,
Sunday: Check-in - greeting racers, body marking, handing out timing chips
6:00am-8:00am in transition
Show 20 names Barb S., Gerald K., Eric V., Leah S., Merrilee D., Richard D., Carrie G., Susan U., Ann R., James R., Eric R., Jennifer M., Brent H., Michelle R., Tara E., Jennifer P., Dona B., Rich A., Lorna K., Jamie P.,
Sunday: Transition Area marshaling & cheering
7:30am-12:30pm in transition
John, Lindsay, Eric, Marina, Jan, Jessica, Ross, Jennifer, Michelle, Val, Wayne, Jo-Anne, Wayne, Bea, Randy, Kathy, Robyn, Michelle, Andrea, Steph,
Sunday: Swim Course paddlers & lifeguards - gear optional but appreciated
7:00am-9:45am meet at east boat launch
mike, Antoine and Anne, Maggie, Pam,
Sunday: Wetsuit Strippers - assist swimmers with removing suit
7:45am-9:30am out of transition
Merrilee, Sandy, Larry, Brad, Janine,
Sunday: BIKE COURSE marshaling at specific locations
Meet at 7:30am, 8-10:30am on bike course
Tony, Richard, David, Rod,
Sunday: RUN COURSE marshaling & cheering, various locations on course
Meet at 7:45am at the volunteer tent
Trisha, Karen, Linda, Brent, Aymara, Carl France Ashlyn, Linton, Anita, Kale and Steph, Cathy, Miya,
Sunday: Food prep and serving - no training necessary, just a smile !
8:30am-1:00pm Transition Area
Show 8 names Sam M., Avis M., Sharon P., Aline L., Rachel M., John M., Jacob M., Adam M.,
Sunday: Runner Escorts - follow top runners with MTN Bike
8:30am-10:45am Meet near Transition
James, Eric, Chris, Brendan, Ben, Liam,
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