VLS BBQ CookOff Judges signup sheet

Judges needed! Friday Feb 15 & Saturday Feb 16, 2019
Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your event time to ensure your spot.

**You cannot judge any event back to back. You must alternate events if you wish to judge more than one. Example: If you judge beans, you cannot judge again until Ribs, then Kids' Q. If you judge Chicken, you cannot judge again until Brisket.**

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What and when
Desserts (could contain nuts or food allergens)
Friday 02/15/19 8:00 PM
Show 17 names Adan G., Sara M., Margie G., Norma K., Sarah G., Michelle T., Brooke L., Elisamaria B., Jody M., Dahlia R., Adara H., Helen S., Daniel S., Frank R., Patricia L., Brian W., Margie G.,
Chef's Choice (not ideal for those with food allergies)
Friday 02/15/19 9:00 PM
Show 17 names amber f., David F., Randy F., Patsy Z., Billie C., Margie G., Sarah G., Brooke A., Jacob A., Ariel M., JC G., Jason T., Ashley R., Lilly D., Rey P., Will M., Trevor H.,
Bloody Mary's (must be 21+ and present valid ID)
Saturday 02/16/19 9:00 AM
amber, David, Susan, Ashley, Chad, Elisamaria, JR,
Saturday 02/16/19 10:00 AM
Randy, Patsy, Adan, Shannon, Lori, Jody, Jeremy, Jamey, Kevin, Brian,
Saturday 02/16/19 12:00 PM
amber, David, Michael, Adan, Adan, Brooke, Jacob, Ashley, Rey, Lilly, Will, Trevor, Randall, Patrick, Samantha, Jeff, Chad, Elisamaria, Patrick, Adara, JR, Brian, Kelly, Norma,
Pork Spare Ribs
Saturday 02/16/19 1:30 PM (or 2:00 PM)
Randy, Patsy, Jessica, John, Billie, Shannon, Lori, courtney, L'James, Amanda, Anthony, Jeff, Jamie, Jordan, Brian, Caitlin, Marcus,
Saturday 02/16/19 3:00 PM (or 4:00 PM)
Show 37 names amber f., David F., Michael K., Kristen F., Jessica E., john v., Billie C., Tina G., Adan G., Adan G., L'James S., Amanda R., Jacob A., Brooke A., Lilly D., Rey P., Will M., Ashley R., Brooke L., Samantha K., Patrick F., Cynthia A., Fabian A., Jeff H., Jeff H., Meagan C., James G., Chad B., Elisamaria B., Jody R., Patrick M., Dahlia R., Kayla H., Patricia H., Frank R., Travis J., JR P.,
Kids' Q (pork chop grilled by child contestants)
Saturday 02/16/19 4:00 PM (or 5:00 PM)
Randy, Patsy, Jeff, Anthony, Lori, Bonimarie,
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