HMSC Marine Science Day, April 12, 2014 signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

If you're seeing this message but weren't expecting it, please verify that you've clicked on the correct sign-up sheet link.

Hours 10-4, 2 hour shifts. Some positions will be outside. Greeters will meet people at the door and give them a brief overview of MSD. Guides will be positioned throughout the hallways and outside exhibits to direct traffic and help visitors find their way. You may be asked to "float" as needed.Tour assistants will guide visitors to tour locations, provide crowd control, and may need to do considerable walking.

What When Who
Greeters/exit survey 10-12am Amy J.
Greeters/exit survey 10-12am Maureen C.
Greeters/exit survey 10-12am Joy S.
Greeters/exit survey 10-12am Lloyd S.
Greeters/exit survey 10-12am Alysha H.
Greeters/exit survey 12-2pm Bruce K.
Greeters/exit survey 12-2pm Gloria M.
Greeters/exit survey 12-2pm Nancy V.
Greeters/exit survey 12-2pm Not filled
Greeters/exit survey 12-2pm Not filled
Greeters/exit survey 2-4pm Stephanie W.
Greeters/exit survey 2-4pm Minda S.
Greeters/exit survey 2-4pm Rebecca M.
Greeters/exit survey 2-4pm Will C.
Greeters/exit survey 2-4pm Not filled
Guides (indoors) 10-12am phyllis e.
Guides (indoors) 10-12am Jonathon W.
Guides (indoors) 10-12am Mike M.
Guides (indoors) 10-12am Kalyn H.
Guides (indoors) 10-12am Angela S.
Guides (indoors) 10-12am Cora B.
Guides (outdoors) 10-12am Kimberly O.
Guides (outdoors) 10-12am kyle b.
Guides (outdoors) 10-12am Alan J.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Mike M.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Alice M.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Will C.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Kathe S.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Fritz D.
Guides (indoors) 12-2pm Alan J.
Guides (outdoors) 12-2pm Amy J.
Guides (outdoors) 12-2pm Sophie D.
Guides (outdoors) 12-2pm Ed T.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm Bernard C.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm shelly b.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm Virginia P.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm Bryan P.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm Estevon G.
Guides (indoors) 2-4pm Not filled
Guides (outdoors) 2-4pm kathe s.
Guides (outdoors) 2-4pm Fritz D.
Guides (outdoors) 2-4pm Karen B.
Tour assistants (indoors) 11am-1pm Judy M.
Tour assistants (indoors) 11am-1pm Karen J.
Tour assistants (indoors) 11am-1pm Rebecca M.
Tour assistants (indoors) 11am-1pm Martin D.
Tour assistants (indoors) 1-3pm Julia S.
Tour assistants (indoors) 1-3pm Tiby C.
Tour assistants (indoors) 1-3pm Leslei M.
Tour assistants (indoors) 1-3pm Jeff W.