Crescents Base Ball Festival Concessions - Saturday, October 14 signup sheet

Each shift requires volunteers for the following roles: 1) Cashier 2) Grill Master 3) Server (prepares orders and delivers to customers)

Preferred Skills: Exceptional customer service skills and ability to handle cash/card transactions are required. Volunteers should also be comfortable cooking food and be familiar with safe food handling practices.

Dustin Heckman will provide training to volunteers on Wednesday, October 11 at 3 PM. The training should take not longer than 45 minutes. All volunteers must attend this training session.

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What and when
Set Up - Set up the concession stand, begin initial food prep and cooking. Volunteers will 1) set up the ten, tables, and grill by 10:15/10:30 2) begin grilling food and taking orders after set up 3) train 2nd shift on concessions layout and status (how much food is cooked and read, traffic, etc.)
9 AM - 11:30 AM
Ken, Don,
2nd Shift - Provide exceptional customer service to lunch crowd and handle the majority of food orders for the day. Volunteers will 1) take orders and grill food and 2) train the 3rd shift crew on concessions, layout, and status (how much food is cooked and ready, traffic, etc.)
11:30 AM - 2 PM
Roseanne, Roger, Angela,
3rd Shift - Finish out the sales for the day and break down the concession stand. Break down will begin at 3:45 PM. Volunteers will 1) take orders and grill food and 2) perform concession stand breakdown and final clean up for the day. This shift will assist the event coordinator with placing leftover equipment and food onto the trailer and into the appropriate vehicle for return to the History Center.
2 PM - 4:30 PM
Denny, Roger, Richard,
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