Fill Up Care Packages for the Troops - Student Community Service 2018 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Help put together care packages for the Troops from items collected by the RSPC. Students will receive up to 2 hours of community service on Friday, November 30, from 2:45 pm - 4:45 pm, in the Prep School Cafetorium. Please make sure to contribute items to the Care Packages by dropping off items in the collections boxes at both campuses or bringing them the day of the packing.

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What and when
Put Together Care Packages for the Troops
Friday, November 30, 2:45 pm
Show 80 names maya r., Lucas B., Andrea M., Sylvana A., Jie T., Spencer R., Samantha G., Brandon S., Joseph A., Mitchell K., Jenna A., Milagros L., Santiago L., Pedro D., Antonio D., Thomas C., Ryan J., Mateo V., Daniel O., Bianca P., Gabriel B., Patricia R., ashlee S., Andrea M., Sofia R., Candela J., Carla N., Sofia L., Logan T., Josu G., Amaia G., Marcos O., Ian S., Filippo M., Giulia M., Gustavo M., Annabella F., Sarah S., Kyle C., Charles L., Ethan F., Victoria S., Valentina A., Audrey P., Johan H., Paloma M., Gabriel P., Marco S., Mallory W., Sofia N., Franco R., Isabella D., Carlos G., Daniela R., Julian R., Sebastian O., Remi L., Cairo B., Alejandro O., Cristobal C., Kasia S., Brandon D., Noah M., Dianella N., Diego M., Daniella M., Alfredo W., Mateo U., Dana E., Sofia B., Alexander S., Daniela G., Antonio C., Owen R., Hailey B., Max C., Nicole T., Alexander Q., Bradley C., Marissa C.,
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