Oilers 50/50 Event - March 5, 2018 signup sheet

Big Fundraiser for Fort Sask Ice
Bus Leaves the brewhouse location at 3:30pm
Participants Must be Over 18 years of Age

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What and when
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3:00-9:30 Monday, March 5, 2018
Show 62 names Lorienna S., Kristin G., Vera M., Shane L., Remi C., Robyn K., Andrea B., Chantel S., Barb L., Terra Beth Dowhaluk U., Terry F., Les Dowhaluk U., Katie A., Jacob A., April Dooley U., Kelvin B., Dervon Parchment U., Roger A., Scott V., Laura B., Constance K., Amanda H., Ben H., Cora L., Tim L., Shelley D., Diane B., Chris B., Dave S., Chantel W., Scott W., callyann perks U., Stacie H., Robyn P., Lee B., Brent K., Stephanie D., Robert D., Frances V., Kara P., Geoff B., Nathan K., Vanessa M., Jason F., Sheridan T., Renee K., Gabriela B., kristie P., Robert P., Caris G., Amanda A., roberta c., Rob A., Brad C., Chris G., Lora J., Nico J., Chris M., Jeff M., Nancy M., Robert R., Sherry R.,
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