Book Fair signup sheet

The Book Fair Committee works to organize three Book Fairs each school year. Some of the money raised is used to purchase new library books, Falcon of the Month books and books for our classrooms.
If you enjoy working with little Falcons, this is the committee for you! It only requires giving a few hours of your time during the Book Fair. There are several ways to help during the Book Fair:
o Serve as a cashier to help ring up books
o Help children pick out books
o Help children figure out how much money they have to spend
o Help put books back in their places
o Help set-up before the Book Fair begins
o Help take down once the Book Fair is over

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Committee Chair
Show 30 names Michelle M., Amy J., shea s., Jessika S., Sheryl F., Danika H., Bree M., Emilee P., Jennifer C., Staci S., Kelsie W., Jen S., Mindy M., Kadie M., NATHALIE S., Tami B., Skyla R., Lana S., Heather H., Ticey H., Jessica R., Colette S., Erin B., Marci H., Celeste A., Ashley K., Katie P., Katie P., Chelsie S., Kelsie P.,
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