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Please bring a laptop or tablet.The primary purpose of this committee is to recruit, train, mentor and support Precinct Committee People (PCPs). We have set a goal of obtaining PCPs for every precinct in Linn County. We intend to provide information/training during a part of each monthly general meeting. We will also create precinct information packets and offer special training in supportive software created by the state Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO). An important part of the Organization Committee is the Neighborhood Leader Program, which pairs leaders with Democratic neighbors to share information and get out the vote. We work to create a community of people with progressive ideals and a willingness to work for fairness, equality and respect of others in our society.
Chair: Nonie Harcombe –; 713-927-0869 or 541-928-3645

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2019 Organization Committee
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Nancy, Nonie, Steve, Brenda,
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