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What and when
Hosts: Tom & Ann Higgins via Zoom
Thursdays at 7pm
Beth P., Tony P., Jan H., Andy S., Sally S., Don V., Colette d., Pat S., Gary C., Susan C., Bob S., Debbie P., Paul B., Sheryll B., Anita O., Lisa M., Claudine J., Claudia C., Christina L., Anthony C.,
Host: Fr. Bill via Zoom
Saturdays at 7pm
Marilyn H., Ann L., Lynn S., Laura D., Thomas F., Jennifer Y., Kevin Y., Paula S., Linda V., Rosanne P., Linda V., Karen S., Michael R., Mary K., Sherry M., Roger M., Marta F., Paul F., Claudia C., Julie H., Frankie A.,
Hosts: Mark & Mary Neil at Resurrection (Fireside Room)
Mondays at 6:30pm
Show 21 names Joe S., Debbie S., Jennifer J., Irene J., Steven M., Jennifer M., James G., Dianne G., Usha V., Anthony K., Sheila C., Manny C., Pat B., Dave B., Kathy S., John A., Mark N., Mary N., Sheryll B., Doug B., Deanna B.,
Host: Wendy Clausen at her home (Wilsonville)
Thursdays at 12pm
Vicki M., Rubylea D., Colleen F., Vicki S., Nona H., Rosemarie H., Grace C., Cindy M., Marita V., Deana B.,
Host: Sharon Finley at Resurrection (Fireside Room)
Fridays at 11:30am
Barb B., Jerry B., kathleen c., Paulette S., Richard A., Sharon F., Marlene M., Elaine S., Angie B., Kevin K., Kim K.,
Hosts: Judy & Steve Cook at their home (West Linn)
Fridays at 6:30pm
Paul M., Nancy M., marguerite m., Diana H.,
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