REACH 2018 Christmas Dinner signup sheet

The REACH Christmas dinner will be on Christmas day at Luther's table in Renton. Some food reheating will be done at Luther's Table. The food transporting will be from Harambee Church, 316 S 3rd St, Renton, WA 98057 to Luther's Table 419 S 2nd St #1, Renton, WA 98057. If you have Large coolers please bring them to store the food in. The lead for the day is Neil Francoeur, he will be at Luther's Table to open the doors at 10am. Thank you for your willingness to come out to help volunteer for this event!

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Show volunteers

What and when
Cooks/Food Reheat(To be done at Luther's Table)
10:30am-12:30pm Dec 25th
Sarah, scott, Angelo,
Food Transporters (please bring large coolers if you have them)
9:30am-10:30 Dec 25th
Kellie, Linet and Christian, Sarah,
Set-up crew
11am-1pm Dec 25th
Show 8 names Betty T., Sheldon T., Annie H., Lee R., Alissa R., Jennifer R., Kerri K., Melissa R.,
12:30pm-3pm Dec 25th
Show 10 names Sherrie D., Tony D., Joanne F., Jerry F., Catherine L., Alvah B., Donna S., Curtis S., Russell B., Carole B.,
Table Bussers
1pm-3:30pm Dec 25th
Neil, Erica, Jake, Caron, Brett, Cynthia, Mary,
Clean-up crew
2:30pm-5pm Dec 25th
Steve and Melissa, Susan, Susan and Nikki, Sarah, Lori, Jane, brian, carson, marcus,
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