2017 New Haven GP signup sheet

The New Haven Grand Prix is right around the corner, and we need your help to pull it off!

The Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program has been chosen to organize a celebration of New Haven’s cycling-friendly culture, and we need all the volunteers we can get to make it happen. On September 15th, 2017 cyclist from all over the country will converge on the streets of New Haven to showcase the cities unique cycle-ability and to watch a professional caliber cycling race. Throughout the night we are expecting no less than 15,000 live spectators to be touring vendor booths, visiting food stands and watching the race. This is where you, the volunteers, come in. To manage racers, spectators and vendors we need individuals who can direct people and traffic to ensure the night goes off without a hitch. Below is a list of volunteer positions as well as a brief outline of what each position entails.
We thank you in advance for your gracious support!

Pre-event Prep - Assist the CCAP staff in decorating the race course with banners and signage. Help the announcer get set-up and ready for the first race. You will meet your volunteer team captain, Hunter Pronovost, at the registration tent.

Registration - Help riders get signed in for their races, complete all necessary paperwork, and assign them their race number. You will meet your volunteer team captain, Karen Franzen, at the registration tent.

Officiating Assistants - You will help Karen Franzen communicate information from the race officials to any other location around the race. This job will involve walking around the course/race area so wear comfortable footwear. You will meet Karen at the registration tent.

Beer Garden Assistant – Help keep the beer garden clean, check I.D's, and serve beer to the spectators in the beer garden. ONLY if you are over 21 years old, please! You will meet your volunteer team captain, Tony Arguelles, at the registration tent.

VIP Dinner Setup and Breakdown – On Friday night there will be a private dinner for important donors and sponsors. We need a few volunteers to assist in both the setup and the breakdown of the dinner. This will require setting up tables, chairs, decorations, etc. We also ask that you wear nice(r) clothing, such as a polo or button up shirt. You will meet you volunteer team captain, David Hoyle, at the registration tent.

Course Marshal - Help ensure that the event runs smoothly and safely for everyone. You'll be assigned to a spot on the course to monitor spectator traffic and prevent spectators from entering the course. At a few key locations volunteers, we act as crossing guards, allowing spectators to cross the course after racers have passed through. You will meet your volunteer team captain, Ron LaRose, at the registration tent.

Breakdown Crew – Assist in breaking down and removing tents, barricades, tables, chairs, banners and all other supplies that were brought to the race. You will meet your volunteer team captain, Hunter, at the registration tent.

Additional Info:
Volunteers will get a T-Shirt and a food coupon! Once you have registered to be a volunteer you will receive an email with a more detailed set of instructions specific to your role. If you have any questions concerning please do not hesitate to ask! Ben.wolfe@ctcyclingadvancement.com

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Show volunteers

What and when
Pre-event Prep
Friday September 15th, 12pm-4pm
Monte, Richa, Nikita, Thomas, Tom, KIEREN,
Friday September 15th, 3:30pm-8:15pm
Larry, William, John, Alexis,
VIP Dinner Setup and Breakdown
Friday September 15th, 3:45pm-8:30pm
VIP Dinner Guest Registration
Friday September 15th, 3:45pm-7:30pm
Officiating assistants
Friday September 15th, 3:30pm-10pm
Climbing Wall Helper
Friday September 15th, 3pm-8pm
Course Marshal (shift one)
Friday September 15th, 4:00pm-7:30pm
Calvin, Alain, Diana, Victoria, William, Beth, Mark, Noah, Eric, Aaron, Paul, Robbie, Bob, Linda, Sarah, Delores, Joe, Michelle, Annette, Sheila, Dylan, Bridget, Veronica, Gloria, Willie, Linda,
Beer Garden Assistants
Friday September 15th, 4pm-10pm
Ralph, Tom, James, Steve, Jeffrey, Stephen, Monte, John, Augustine, Stephen, Jeffery, ANN, JAMES, Chris, Michael & Laura,
Course Marshal (shift two)
Friday September 15th, 7:15pm-10pm
Bill, John Paul, David, gerard, Tim, ALEXIS, Kevin, John, Noah, Scott, Atari, Atari, Jeff, Michelle, Joe, Willie, Sheila, Annette, Sita Ram, Jesse, Jeffrey, Linda,
Event Breakdown Crew
Friday September 15th 9:30pm-11:59pm
Dwight, Geno, Jeffrey,
Volunteer Coordinator Assistant
Friday September 15 2:00-6:00pm
Cheryl, Johnny, Sherry,
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