2017 TESPA Spring Fling - CAKE WALK & BAKE SALE DONATIONS ONLY signup sheet

Event Date: Saturday, June 3rd
Tantallon Elementary School

Please drop off your cake and bake goods at the school on Friday, June 2nd evening between 6:00pm-8:00pm
* If you cannot make this time, simply email the event organizer to setup a time.

For the bake sale, you can provide individually wrapped items or baked goods that can be sold in 1/2 dozen, dozen or whole (such as breads and pies). Where possible please include a list of ingredients. As a reminder, we are a Nut-Free school and appreciate if your donation was NUT FREE. We are appreciative of all donations and look forward to your tasty treats!

1) Click on an open slot for the Calk Walk and/or Bake Sale to register your name.
2) Type in your first & last name and email address. For privacy reasons, the website will show your first name & the initial of your last name. Only the event organizer can view your full name and contact details.
3) For multiple CAKE donations, return back to the home page and enter a separate line for EACH cake donated so that we can track the total number of cakes being donated.
4) Once completed, an email will be sent to you confirming your donation. Please check your junk/spam account should it not appear in your inbox within the first hour after signing up.
5) A few days prior to the event, a reminder email will be sent to the email address provided on this site.

NOTE: There will be a Volunteer Help Desk setup next to the main office located within the Senior Building. A representative will be there from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Friday evening and again at 9:00am on Saturday morning to answer any questions. Please check in before dropping off your donation and to get directions on where to drop off your donation.

Thank you for volunteering and making our 2017 Spring Fling a Huge Success!
Your TESPA Spring Fling Committee

Please contact Patricia (Spring Fling Committee Member) via email at pattidm@yahoo.com

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What and when
Cake Walk Donation
Drop off on Friday, June 2nd (6pm-8pm)
Anne, Janet, Janice, Vikki, Tracy, Tanya, Tanya, Patricia, Kim, Natalia, Tina, Linda, Cindy, Mary Ann, Sarah, Tammy, Sharleen, Sue, Joleen, Angela, Angela, Ariana, Candice, Terri, Janet, Janet, Dana, Dana, Dana, Michelle, Allison, Allison, Heather, Lynn, Tris, Trish, Chrissy, Deanna, Shannon, Jodie, Tracy, Tracy, Julie, Julie, Karen, Nicole, Holly, Caroline, Kelly, Angie, Tara, Michelle, Carol,
Bake Sale Donation
Drop off on Friday, June 2nd (6pm-8pm)
Mindy, Mindy, Anne, Sarah, Janet, Janice, Kellie, Tanya, Tracy, Tanya, Tanya, Tanya, Patricia, Jacqueline, Sara, Sheila, Cindy, Mary Ann, Angela, Raanan, Candice, Candice, Terri, Janet, Janet, Michelle, Shawna, Lynn, Lynn, Jen, Heather, Adrianne, Sharleen, Chrissy, Vicki, Jodie, Charelle, Karen, Karen, Caroline, Kelly, Michelle,
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