Christmas Volunteers signup sheet

Hope Rescue Mission is in need of help on Christmas Day! After an incredible Thanksgiving, we're looking to do 2 lunches for anyone in need. We look to serve over 300 people on Christmas Day and need your help to make that possible! Children and families are encouraged and welcomed to volunteer. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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What and when
Prep & Set up for Christmas Lunch
Show 30 names Peter F., Michael F., Jennica F., Sharon B., Matthew H., Megan H., charity d., glenn d., joshua d., Donna D., Greg D., Kristen S., Jon M., Brennan G., Maxwell G., Robin H., Ron H., Eleanor D., Nick D., Melissa B., Jon B., Erik Y., Deb Y., Rebecca B., Aubree Y., Heather G., Joe and Diane G., rosemary g., Robert g., sharon g.,
Serve Lunch
Show 30 names Peter F., Michael F., Jennica F., Sharon B., nancy w., LaRosa S., Nyla E., Megan H., Matthew H., Kasia A., Alan A., Jacob A., Julia A., Melissa K., Jared K., Norah K., Cheri - Elizabeth H., scott W., charity d., glenn d., joshua d., Cait C., Tina C., Colby C., Eric C., Yoli M., Brittany D., Jonathan D., Jevin T., Brennan and Maxwell G.,
Clean Up
Peter, Michael, Jennica, Sharon, Yoli, Jennifer,
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