HOPE in the Park - FRIDAY October 29, 2021 signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Hope in the park - Brought to you by Tucson Homeless connect
The event is on October 29, 2021 from 9:00am - 2:00pm - We are asking Volunteers to arrive early to help with set up.
The event will be held at Santa Rita Park (401 E 22nd st)
All volunteers who sign up will receive more information to follow Please email with any questions - Tucsonhomelessconnectcharity@gmail.com

Show volunteers

What and when
Set Up
7:00am - 8:30am
Marisol M., Gene M., Courtnee N., Carol B., Linda S., KAASH M., TRISHA M., Deb R., Randy R., Samuel J., Cindy H., Briana A., Red J., Selena L., Cassandra L., Allison H., Sierra G., Vanessa S., Celle T., Liz M., Brysenia G., Savannah J., Maritza V., Dafnne V., Dazia D., Brittany F.,
Event 9:00am-1:00pm
Show 40 names Robert H., Jennifer R., Melissa S., Teri H., Cecilia D., Denise n., Elaine L., brian r., Emmanuel P., Briana A., Alexandria D., Laynya C., Korinna S., Jinaiah P., Alice B., Bianca H., Mary D., Christina F., Shane W., Kelly R., Megan W., Candy B., Grae P., Hannah S., Tiffany C., Lexi A., Desiree M., Naomi B., Adreanna N., Sam B., Lessley S., Imad F., Mariah Y., Brysenia G., Aushrielle C., Louann E., Alyssa V., Semya J., Ricky L., Kayla G.,
Event 9:00am-1:00pm
Show 26 names Jessie O., Heather M., Sarah P., Naomi V., Ali R., Marisol M., Maura D., Shelley E., Joy G., Helen B., Vanessa A., Gail B., Courtnee N., Carol S., Selena L., casey s., Liscondra H., Courtney T., Sara H., Brittany S., Maddie V., Allison H., Sierra G., Annaleis S., Marissa O., Maria D.,
Floater ( Can assist with anything)
Event 9:00am-1:00pm
Show 75 names Edward R., Tommie W., Sangeeta M., Linda J., Sylvia W., Karen B., Jennifer S., Lizeth C., Shelby W., Analisa D., Michael E., Kelly M., Crystal W., Kärenb G., Yasmine G., Karla G., Valerie G., Stephanie M., JOHN R., Elizabeth H., Jesus M., John E., April G., Judie B., Martin M., Stacey T., Victoria V., Chantal L., Laura H., Kelsey J., Andrew M., Alissa W., Vanessa D., Jamiee M., Selena L., Laurie B., Maddie B., Sam W., Alexandra C., Alexis C., Brianna C., Karen J., Katherine P., Maria D., Erica h., Maria h., Hugh B., Samantha F., Sinay S., Ahkita B., Kayla B., Itzel C., Karl S., Stan K., Celle T., Mohammed A., Janet S., Jean-Marie C., Jessica K., Meg W., Shawn S., Bob P., Abby R., Rosario B., Laurie D., Kendall L., Warren K., Kate B., Riley M., Catherine D., Shay C., Tyron F., Krystal E., Kaitlynn G., Jayden N.,
Clean up
1:00pm-3:00pm Friday 10/29
Dar D., Vanessa A., Laura H., Selena L., casey s., Hannah M., Mary D., Eric F., Katie C., Ann H.,
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