Great Tomato Festival Prep 2017 - ND State Fair Center signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Help us prepare the food for the Great Tomato Festival at the ND State Fair Center 4H Hall!
No experience necessary ages 16+ preferred for daytime prep. Many duties do include cutting veggies with a sharp knife. Feel free to sign up for more than 1 shift!

Thank you for helping make the 29th annual Great Tomato Festival a SUCCESS!
Minot Public Library, Minot Symphony Orchestra, Taube Museum of Art

Show volunteers

What and when
Food Prep Tues 9-12
9-12 Tues. Aug. 8th
Ellen, Tim, Rachel, Thomas, Cleo, David, Elisha, Sue, Susan, Pat, Dan, Brendan, Betty, Holly, Pat, April, Chris, Margaret, Mary,
Food Prep Tues 12-3
12-3 Tues. Aug. 8th
Ellen, Cleo, Jane, Ja'bria, Wendy, Paulette & Colton, Colleen, John, Brendan, Nell, Pat, Cynthia, Tonia, Carol, Marcy, Debbie, Mary, Virginia,
Food Prep Wed 9-12
9-12 Wed. Aug. 9th
Ellen, Thomas, Lisa, Linda, Paulette & Colton, Cindee, Rosie, Ginny, Devera, Liz, Lana, Teresa, Tim, Rose, Carolyn, Kari, Chris, Holly, Holly, Greg,
Food prep Wed 12-3
12-3 Wed. Aug. 9th
Ellen, Sharon, Jane, John, Ann, Paulette & Colton, Marian, Randi, Pam, Patsy, Josh, Cheryl, Carlos, Leticia, Andrianna, Debbie, Colin, Tonia,
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