Firefly Run Texas signup sheet

Firefly Run Plano is looking for volunteers to help with multiple area for the race, positions range from working packet pick up , water stop, finish line, cheer zones, food tent, set up and tear down. Please know that if you sign up for a certain area to work you can be pulled to work another area as needed, we will do our best to make sure you do get the area you are wanting. All Volunteers will get a volunteer shirt & light snack/water.

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What and when
Race Day Packet Pick Up -you will give out swag and bibs to runners and assist with sign ups
5:00PM to 8:00pm Sat, April 7th
Show 15 names Ariel M., ravi kanth K., Teresa U., Mihret B., Robyn F., Maribel D., Samantha P., Sonia K., Mark B., Isadora C., Sanjay N., Trisha S., Alec M., Luis C., Sai G.,
Finish Line- hand out medals and finish line water
5:30pm to 9:15pm Sat, April 7th
Show 15 names Ariel M., Elizabeth C., Deseree E., Teresa U., Juhi L., Aanchal S., Manik C., Sarosh D., Rebekah R., Kennedy T., Kritika P., Gabriela H., Trinity S., Stejara D., Alayna B.,
Course Monitor- You will be placed on the course to help direct the runners
6:00pm to 9:15pm Sat, April 7th
Geoffrey, Erina, Arnab, Arjunbharathwaj, Aparna,
Water Stop- This position requires you to be out on the course at the half way point to pass out water to the runners, this is a very important task and you must arrive on time to make sure the station is set and ready to go
6:30pm to 9:00pm Sat, April 7th
Show 12 names Anvi B., Seojin y., Ethan L., Hema T., Cassie C., Candice C., Nancy C., Lorien A., Mayaluna R., Martha S W., olivia l., Natalie B.,
Food Tent- You will be making sure the snacks are set out and kept stocked to hand out to runners
5:30pm to 10:00pm Sat, April 7th
Doa, Robert, Christine, Julia, Stephanie,
Merchandise Tent- You will be assisting in selling items and restocking as needed
5:00pm to 10:00pm Sat, April 7th
Jason, Hanaa, Autumn,
Tear Down- You will assist with boxing items up, and help take them to the trucks to be loaded.
9:00pm to 11:00pm Sat, April 7th
Aparna, Elizabeth, olivia, Mansoor, Fatima, Christian, Trupti,
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