Quileute camp- August 11/12- La Push signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

The official camp start time for volunteers is at 9am Saturday morning, with a single camp session during the day at or around 11am. This is due to tidal conditions and may be changed by the beach captain on the day of the camp. Kids should arrive at 10am to sign permission slips and get suited up. If you're a new volunteer and you have questions or concerns, it's best to get to the camp on Friday night and come ask everyone around the campfire.

Surf instructors should have their own wetsuit, and be comfortable pushing kids into waves. You will be responsible for 2 kids during your session, and you will make sure that your kids sign out with the beach captain when they are finished surfing.

We will all be camping on the baseball field next to the official campground the night before and the night after the camp- camping is free (woot!) but limited to Warm Current volunteers only due to tribal regulations. We are stoked to have you come and help out!

Show volunteers

Surf Instructor- in water, wearing a wetsuit, pushing kids into waves
Show 20 names Kristen "Kboo" B., Christina S., Roi C., Ted S., Emma S., Elisa W., Susanna B., Greg D., Diane D., Garrett F., Nalu F., Mariah K., Patrick S., Natalie L., Keith D., Evan M., Holly D., Erin W., Adam A., Jan K.,
Beach helper- in wetsuit, not surfing but helping to regulate the beach.
Tanvir, Abby,
Beach runner- not in water, helping keep kids and sign-ins sorted
Wetsuit guru- sizing up kids and wetsuits, and making sure all the suits are organized post-camp
Nick, Asal,
Lifeguard- you're a lifeguard.
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