Survival Run Australia signup sheet

Volunteer Shifts for Survival Run - THANKYOU for your time in helping us out. We appreciate every moment you can give us.

Please note that you can only do 1 shift in a row. You cannot double up due to safety requirements. For instance, you can submit for Shift 1 and 3, but not for shift 1 and 2. Rest, sleep, food and water between shifts is compulsory.

All volunteers will be given a day bag with plenty of food, water, sunscreen, goodies and samples, as well as a super cool, limited edition event t-shirt.

All stations have cover from the sun and rain (if the weather is such), however, we do encourage you to take a warm blanket or something to read in case of a slow hour or two. Yep it is in the Aussie summer, but we are also in some Jungle so it's best to be prepared.

Shifts consist of (But are not limited too) :
* Advising racers to read the entry sheet upon arrival
* Taking bib number and times onto sheets upon arrival and departure of your allocated location
* Ensuring that the integrity of the task is held in highest regard (Racers will understand this in reading the sheet upon arrival)
* Advising racers to read the departure sheet and sign out on leaving the allocated location
* Keeping the allocated area free of garbage
* Radio contact with the Volunteer co-ordinator
* Ensuring that the next person on shift is given all information on how to continue on with the next shift
* Many more tasks that are sure to keep your day interesting and full of memories.

Please feel free to ask any friends to join you on a shift that you choose, but be sure to get them to sign in here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Shift One 4pm - 12am
Friday 17th November, Colo Vale
Jim, Jo, Steve, Raelean, Donna, David, Deepak, Benedicte, Karina, Inge, Danny, Laura, Eboni, Kellie, Kendon,
Shift Two 11:30pm - 6am
Saturday 18th November, Colo Vale
Caroline, Steve, Ron, Annabel, Michael, Rob, Chris, Connie, Sage, Tim, Ivan, Carolynn, Lucia, Alex, Sacha,
Shift Three 5:30am - 12pm
Saturday 18th November, Colo Vale
Jo, Steve, Raelean, Fernando, Karina, Andy, Sara, Sharleen, Danny, Nabil, Paul, Kelly,
Shift Four 11:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday 18th November, Colo Vale
Caroline, Benedicte, Sacha, Sharon, Ron, David, Deepak, Michael, patrik, Martin, Sage, Laura, Kendon,
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