El Segundo Reality Party for Parents on Saturday, March 24th! signup sheet

Note: this signup sheet is no longer active and is not accepting new volunteers. Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

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Youth/young adults needed as participants in a simulated teen drinking party in El Segundo on March 24th. Parents will take tours through the "party" and see scenarios related to the underage drinking and drug culture. The goal is to increase their awareness and support meaningful discussion with their kids and help them keep their teens safe.

All meals provided. No advance rehearsals, but you must be able to commit to the full schedule 9am - 7:30pm.

ALL FOOD PROVIDED! Casual dress.

For more info: Straightupvc.org/realityparties

Event location will be texted/e-mailed to you after you sign up. For questions, e-mail/text Rachel at rachel@straightupvc.org or (805) 813-1458

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What and when
Reality Party Participant (full day commitment)
Sat, March 24th (9am-7:30pm)
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