ACS Golf Invitational 2019 - Registration signup sheet

Responsibilities for Registration Volunteers can include:

AM Volunteers - 6:30am-12:00pm
The registration team welcomes the players, signs them in on the Go Time software, swipes the player credit card, offers the player the raffle & mulligan packages, and sends them to the raffle table to enter to win some amazing packages!

PM Volunteers - 4:30-6pm
The Check Out Registration Team checks out guests as they depart the awards reception, gives their departure gift, prints receipts, etc.

1. Recruit Volunteers for Registration Team (8)
2. 3 weeks before event meet with ACS Staff to review materials needed
3. 2 weeks before event meet in the office with Registration Team to assemble Player Information into file
folders and assemble player envelopes. Need to set date.
4. Insert Registration Cards into folder
5. Make up the raffle/mulligan envelope sets. Cut up raffle tickets into separate squares and put into
separate envelopes.
6. 1 week before meet at the ACS office to complete assembly and get all player information into file folders.
a. White Folders for the players
b. Colored Folders for the dinner guests
c. On outside of the envelope will be the players name, hole# and bid#

Day of Event AM
Arrival 6:00 a.m.

* Computers with credit card reader “Easy Check Out (3 lap tops, 2 printers)
* Set up equipment, pens, paper, raffle, mulligans, etc.

o ACS Staff and volunteers at computer. Welcomes Player, asks player for a credit card to keep on
file for the day’s activities (such as the silent and live auction). Then registering volunteer gives
the player their packet (pre-made up in the office)
o Volunteers behind them listening for player name, they have:
* player list, networking (ACS prints)
* hole assignment/starter report list from ACS Staff (ACS prints)
* Player Alpha List for Check In, Check Off list for Registration Team (8 copies)
* salon gift (ACS makes)
* Welcome Letter (ACS makes/prints)
* Locker room assignment list
* Name tags for players, bid# will be on name tag for player. Name tags to be given to
player POST-PLAY (ACS to make)
o Move player to raffle table and ask them what raffle package they would like, process raffle
package and give proper raffle paperwork to Registration Team.
o Give player raffle tickets and direct them to the raffle table to enter their tickets.
* Direct player to Shoe Shine and Raffle
* This table will be the VIP reception check in

Day of Event PM
* ACS Staff will move to check out for the dinner. Check out for all guests. As well, guests that make special
purchases will need to pick up silent auction, live auction, or other items from the tournament from the
check-out table.
* Volunteers needed (2)
* Only need two computers and the two printers for the check out during the evening portion of the event.

Please contact Pam Gunning at for questions specific to the Registration volunteer area.

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What and when
Registration AM
June 3 7am-12pm
Marla, Heidi, Leisha, Bianca, Amelia, Dennis, Nancy, Carol,
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