field trip day signup sheet

The main task of the volunteers is to:
- don't allow any students inside the building without a teacher for any reason.
- no food or drink is allowed inside the building (teachers, students, volunteers)
- Supervise the students all the time on the school campus specially in the play ground while playing.
- Make sure no strangers come inside the school or the MPR
- Make sure no student leave the school unaccompanied during school hours.
- Monitor the playground when the students are there and talk to them positively please make sure there is no bulling.
- make sure the students are safe and not talking to strangers.
- In addition to serving food to the need to set up and clean up too.
- help teachers carry their materials in to and out of the class.
- secure the bathrooms and don't allow strangers in.
- do not allow the use of the upper level bathrooms.

Please upon arrival, come to the office to sign in, get your vest and know exactly your role.

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