EPCOR RiverFest - Edmonton (Central Rendezvous) signup sheet

Thank you for volunteering for EPCOR RiverFest! Please sign up as per your availability.

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What and when
Festival Set Up - Set up signs, assist with tents, tables, chairs
Sat Aug 11: 6am- 11 am
Joveena, Saleh, Fahimeh, Nedal, Mark,
Festival Take Down - Assist with tents, tables, chairs
Sat Aug 11: 4 pm-8 pm
Lokesh, Gurminder, Romeo, Neil,
Grounds Keeper - Responsible for site maintenance, Garbage Removal, Recycling, Assist caterers with clearing tables, Wipe of tables with Lysol wipes as needed, Ensure washroom supplies are refreshed
Sat Aug 11: AM (9 am-5 pm)
Colby, Alexander, Dan, Michelle, Monica, Hung, Lu,
Volunteer Lead - Check in/out volunteers, Managing shift changes, Distribute food vouchers to volunteers, Ensure day off honorarium cheques are handed out, Distribute packages/Cinched bags at volunteer check in, Manage volunteer tent
Sat Aug 11: 6am - 6 pm
Alyssa, Kristel,
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